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CHART: Value of Land Use in Bolivia

Chart: Value of Land Use in Bolivia

Value of Land Use in Bolivia. From Bolivia should prioritize cattle ranching, law enforcement in deforestation fight.

Value of Land Use in Bolivia

Average calculated NPVs for different land uses in the department of Santa Cruz (30 years, 8% discount rate)
Land use / DetailsAverage calculated NPVs
Mechanized agriculture
  Soybean (summer) + sunflower (winter)2244
  Soybean (summer + winter)1956
  Rice (mechanized cultivation)1372
Small-scale agriculture
  Rice + maize (manual)541
Cattle ranching
  Cattle (surroundings of Santa Cruz)270
  Cattle (Chiquitania)43
Selective logging
  Different regions in the department of Santa Cruz132-388

CITATION: Robert Müller, Till Pistorius, Sophia Rohde, Gerhard Gerold, Pablo Pacheco. Policy options to reduce deforestation based on a systematic analysis of drivers and agents in lowland Bolivia. Land Use Policy 30 (2013) 895–907

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