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CHART: Deforestation rate for Mediterranean vegetation cover in Latin America

Chart: Mediterranean vegetation cover in Latin America
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This forest cover data is from Aide et al 2012

Latin America: change in Mediterranean vegetation cover, 2001-2010 (square kilometers)

CountryGross loss (sq km)Gross gain (sq km)Net Change (sq km)

All data in square kilometers. Multiply sq km by 100 to get hectares (ha); divide by 2.59 to get square miles (sq mi).

CITATION: Aide, T. M., M. L. Clark, H. R. Grau, D. López-Carr, M. Levy, D. Redo, M. Bonilla-Moheno, G. Riner, M. J. Andrade-Núñez, and M. Muñiz. Online August 3, 2012. Deforestation and reforestation of Latin America and the Caribbean (2001-2010). Biotropica. DOI: 10.1111/j.1744-7429.2012.00908.x

Chart by Rhett A. Butler / mongabay.com

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