The world's most endangered lorises and galagos

CHART: The world's most endangered lorises and galagos

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species evaluates the conservation status of plant and animal species. The list is based on scientific assessment of an organism's status by experts.

Conservation status of the world's lorises and galagos

Species comprising the chart above include:

FamilyScientific nameCommon name(s)Red List statusPopulation trend
GALAGIDAEGalagoides rondoensisRondo Bushbaby, Rondo Dwarf GalagoCRdecreasing
GALAGIDAEGalagoides nyasaeMalawi GalagoDDunknown
LORISIDAENycticebus javanicusJavan Slow LorisENdecreasing
LORISIDAELoris tardigradusRed Slender Loris, Slender LorisENdecreasing
GALAGIDAESciurocheirus alleniAllen's Bushbaby, Allen's Galago, Allen's Squirrel GalagoLCunknown
GALAGIDAEGalagoides cocosKenya Coast GalagoLCstable
GALAGIDAEOtolemur crassicaudatusGarnett's Greater Galago, Greater Bushbaby, Greater Galago, Large-eared Greater Galago, Thick-tailed Bushbaby, Thick-tailed Greater GalagoLCstable
GALAGIDAEGalagoides demidoviiDemidoff's Dwarf Galago, Demidoff's Galago, Dwarf Bushbaby, Dwarf GalagoLCstable
GALAGIDAEEuoticus elegantulusElegant Galago, Elegant Needle-clawed Galago, Southern Needle-clawed Galago, Western Needle-clawed Bushbaby, Western Needle-clawed GalagoLCstable
GALAGIDAESciurocheirus gabonensisGabon Allens GalagoLCunknown
GALAGIDAEGalago gallarumSomali Galago, Somali Lesser GalagoLCstable
GALAGIDAEOtolemur garnettiiGarnett's Greater Galago, Small-eared Galago, Small-eared Greater GalagoLCstable
GALAGIDAEGalagoides grantiGrant's Dwarf Galago, Grant's Lesser Galago, Mozambique Lesser GalagoLCstable
GALAGIDAEGalago matschieiEastern Needle-clawed Bushbaby, Eastern Needle-clawed Galago, Lesser Needle-clawed Galago, Matschie's Galago, Spectacled Galago, Spectacled Lesser GalagoLCdecreasing
GALAGIDAEGalago moholiMohol Galago, South African Galago, South African Lesser Galago, Southern Lesser GalagoLCstable
GALAGIDAEEuoticus pallidusNorthern Needle-clawed Bushbaby, Northern Needle-clawed Galago, Pallid Needle-clawed GalagoLCunknown
GALAGIDAEGalago senegalensisLesser Bushbaby, Lesser Galago, Northern Lesser Galago, Senegal Galago, Senegal Lesser GalagoLCstable
GALAGIDAEGalagoides thomasiThomas's Bushbaby, Thomas's Dwarf GalagoLCstable
GALAGIDAEGalagoides zanzibaricusMatundu Dwarf Galago, Udzungwa Bushbaby, Zanzibar Bushbaby, Zanzibar Galago, Zanzibar/udzungwa GalagoLCstable
LORISIDAEArctocebus aureusGolden Angwantibo, Golden PottoLCunknown
LORISIDAEArctocebus calabarensisAngwantibo, Calabar Angwantibo, Golden PottoLCunknown
LORISIDAELoris lydekkerianusGray Slender Loris, Grey Slender Loris, Highland Slender LorisLCdecreasing
LORISIDAEPerodicticus pottoPotto, Potto GibbonLCstable
GALAGIDAEGalagoides orinusAmani Dwarf Galago, Mountain Dwarf Galago, Uluguru BushbabyNTdecreasing
LORISIDAENycticebus bengalensisBengal Loris, Bengal Slow Loris, Northern Slow LorisVUdecreasing
LORISIDAENycticebus coucangGreater Slow Loris, Slow Loris, Sunda Slow LorisVUdecreasing
LORISIDAENycticebus menagensisBornean Slow LorisVUdecreasing
LORISIDAENycticebus pygmaeusLesser Slow Loris, Pygmy Loris, Pygmy Slow LorisVUdecreasing


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Recent news about the loris family

Slow lorises sold openly, illegally in Indonesia

(04/03/2012) Defying Indonesian law, slow lorises are being sold openly in Jakarta markets for the underground pet trade, according to wildlife trade monitoring group TRAFFIC. In the last two weeks, TRAFFIC has recorded fifty different individual slow lorises on sale in the Indonesian capital. "The openness of the slow loris trade highlights the fact that having one of the region’s best wildlife protection laws and promising to protect species is not enough—there must be stronger enforcement in Indonesia and the public should stop supporting the illegal wildlife trade," says Chris R. Shepherd, Deputy Regional Director of TRAFFIC Southeast Asia, in a press release.

"Where's my mama?": campaign targets cruel slow loris pet trade [warning: graphic photo]

(03/20/2012) A new campaign by The Body Shop West Malaysia and TRAFFIC Southeast Asia attempts to raise awareness of the illegal slow loris pet trade. YouTube videos of "cute" pet slow lorises have raised demand for these endangered primates, but as the campaign highlights the pet trade is fueling slow loris deaths in the wild and cruel treatment, such as pulling out their teeth, to make them more desirable pets.

'Cute' umbrella video of slow loris threatens primate

(03/13/2011) A new video of a slow loris holding an umbrella in a pet store has been viewed nearly a million and a half times, yet such viral videos may imperil these 'cute' and endangered primates by encouraging an illegal and often cruel pet trade. "Most people who see them in this setting want one, too!" says Angelina Navarro-Montes, a graduate student at Oxford Brookes University who has conducted studies of the slow-loris Internet trade, told in 2009. "There is also a big misconception on [YouTube] and a lot of viewers think it’s perfectly legal to have them as pets."
lorises chart is available at here. This table and chart was last updated on August 8, 2012, based on data downloaded from the IUCN Red List site. For a species profile, click on its scientific name.

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