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The world's most endangered crocodiles and alligators

Chart: conservation status of the world's crocodiles and alligators
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The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species evaluates the conservation status of plant and animal species. The list is based on scientific assessment of an organism's status by experts.

Conservation status of the world's crocodiles and alligators

Species comprising the chart above include:

FamilyScientific nameCommon name(s)Red List statusPopulation trend
ALLIGATORIDAEAlligator sinensisChina Alligator, Chinese AlligatorCR
CROCODYLIDAECrocodylus intermediusOrinoco CrocodileCR
CROCODYLIDAECrocodylus mindorensisPhilippines CrocodileCR
CROCODYLIDAECrocodylus rhombiferCuban CrocodileCR
CROCODYLIDAECrocodylus siamensisSiamese CrocodileCR
GAVIALIDAEGavialis gangeticusFish-eating Crocodile, Gavial, Gharial, Indian Gavial, Indian Gharial, Long-nosed CrocodileCRdecreasing
CROCODYLIDAETomistoma schlegeliiFalse gharial, Malayan Gharial, Sunda gharial, Tomistoma, TomistomaEN
CROCODYLIDAECrocodylus acutusAmerican CrocodileVU
CROCODYLIDAECrocodylus palustrisBroad-snouted Crocodile, Marsh Crocodile, Muggar, MuggerVU
CROCODYLIDAEOsteolaemus tetraspisAfrican Dwarf Crocodile, West African Dwarf CrocodileVU
CROCODYLIDAECrocodylus cataphractusAfrican Gharial, African Sharp-nosed Crocodile, African Slender-snouted Crocodile, Long-nosed Crocodile, Long-snouted Crocodile, Long-snouted West-African Crocodile, Loricate Crocodile, Panzer Crocodile, Subwater CrocodileDD
CROCODYLIDAECrocodylus moreletiiBelize Crocodile, Morelet's CrocodileLR/cd
ALLIGATORIDAEMelanosuchus nigerBlack CaimanLR/cd
ALLIGATORIDAEAlligator mississippiensisAmerican AlligatorLR/lc
ALLIGATORIDAECaiman crocodilusCommon Caiman, Spectacled CaimanLR/lc
ALLIGATORIDAECaiman latirostrisBroad-snouted CaimanLR/lc
ALLIGATORIDAECaiman yacareYacaréLR/lc
CROCODYLIDAECrocodylus johnsoniAustralian Freshwater Crocodile, Freshie, Johnson's Crocodile, Johnstone's Crocodile, Johnston's CrocodileLR/lc
CROCODYLIDAECrocodylus niloticusNile CrocodileLR/lc
CROCODYLIDAECrocodylus novaeguineaeNew Guinea CrocodileLR/lc
CROCODYLIDAECrocodylus porosusEstuarine Crocodile, Salt-water CrocodileLR/lc
ALLIGATORIDAEPaleosuchus palpebrosusCuvier's Smooth-fronted Caiman, Dwarf CaimanLR/lc
ALLIGATORIDAEPaleosuchus trigonatusSchneider's Smooth-fronted Caiman, Smooth-fronted CaimanLR/lc

This table and chart was last updated on August 8, 2012, based on data downloaded from the IUCN Red List site. For a species profile, click on its scientific name.

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