Horned Screamer

By Marla Lise

Scientific Name: Anhima cornuta

The Horned Screamer is a massive bird that inhabits South America. This bird can grow up to 95cm long and weigh almost 4 kg (9 lbs) but it has a tiny little beak that looks like that of a chicken.

This bird gets its name from a long thin feather that curves downwards from the top of its head. It has sharp claws on the end of it wings and partially webbed feet.

Horned Screamer. Photo by Rhett A. Butler
As its name suggests, this bird makes a heck of a racket with very loud "U-WHO" or honking sounds.

The chicks hatch from olive-colored eggs and can run as soon as they emerge.

Although this bird is thought to be extinct in Trinidad and Tobago, the Horned Screamer is not on the endangered list.


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