Mealy Parrot

By Marla Lise

Scientific Name: Amazona farinosa

The Mealy Parrot is among the largest of the Amazon parrots, growing up to 41cm (16 inches) in length. It is native to tropical Central and South America.

This parrot has a short, squarish tail and its green feathers seem to have been dusted lightly with ‘flour’ or ‘meal’, thus its name. They are social birds, usually seen in large flocks or pairs.

Mealy Parrot. Photo by Rhett A. Butler
The Mealy Parrot is a herbivore, feeding on nuts, seeds, flowers and fruits. In some areas they are considered pests, as they feed on crops grown for human consumption.

Although these birds are not listed as endangered, these parrots are often caught for the illegal pet trade, as they are known to be one of the gentlest of all Amazon parrots. They are also hunted for food in some parts and are losing valuable habitat through deforestation and changing land uses.


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