Savanna Hawk

Marla Lise

Savanna Hawk

Scientific Name: Buteogallus meridionalis

Savanna hawks are commonly seen flying around savannah and swampy areas in from Central America to the Caribbean to Southern South America. It is a carnivore, feeding on meat such as small mammals and insects.

The savanna hawk has very long legs and thus is able to easily walk on the ground to catch its prey, or, like other birds, it can swoop down from the sky or a tree.

Savanna Hawk. Photo by Marla Lise
Savanna hawks are known as opportunistic feeders – they eat when there is an easy opportunity to do so. For example, they follow forest fires and feed on escaping animals or steal food from other birds.

Savanna hawks build their nests out of sticks in palm trees, thorny trees or mangroves and use this same nest year after year. Its eggs however are sometimes eaten by larger birds, snakes and other animals that live in trees.

The Savanna Hawk is not listed as a threatened species.


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