Monkey frog in Peru, Owl butterfly in the Amazon, Shoebill in Uganda, infant lowland gorilla in gabon, green python in Borneo

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Rainforest scavenger hunt for kids

By Doris Baron of the Roper Mountain Science Center

    1. Connect to the internet and go to

    2. Use the information you find to answer the questions listed below. Write the answers below each question. Good Luck!

About Rainforests
    1. What is the country with the 4th largest amount of rainforests?

    2. What percentage of life in the rain forest is found in the canopy?

    3. What process occurs on the forest floor that breaks down dead plants and animals?
Rainforest Animals
    1. What are the two reasons there are a lot of plants and animals in a rainforest?

    2. Lemurs are found in only one place. Where?

    3. The Okapi has legs marked like what animal?

    4. What are the two reasons jaguars are endangered?

    5. The turaco is related to which other birds?

    6. Which of the listed birds live in Australia?
      Rainbow lorikeet
      Scarlet macaw

    7. About how big are Leaf Chameleons (also called Brookesia)?

    8. Name one difference between moths and butterflies.
Rainforest People
    1. Amerindians live in the Amazon. Where do pygmies live?

    2. What do the people who live in the rainforest know a lot about that can help us when we are sick?

    3. Do children from the rainforest go to school?
Why are Rainforests Important
    1. Rainforests absorb carbon dioxide. True or False?

    2. Rainforests donít help maintain the H2O cycle. True or False?

    3. The process of washing away of soil is called?
Saving rainforests
    1. What are three things that can help save rainforests?

    2. What are three things we can do at home to reduce our impact on the environment?

Other resources for teachers:

The Mongabay Kids site ( aims to help children learn about rainforests and the environment. This site is still under development and I am working to add additional content as time permits. If you have comments or are interested in submitting educational content for the site, please feel free to contact me.

The site is available in many different languages, including Portuguese, Chinese, French, Spanish, Japanese, and German.

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