Deforestation Rates in
Syrian Arab Republic

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Statistics for Syrian Arab Republic

Syrian Arab Republic Deforestation Rates
Largest Cities in Syrian Arab Republic
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Area & Population
Total Land Area (000 ha) 199918,377
Total Population ('000) 199915,725
Population Density (population/sq km) 199985.6
Population Growth Rate (%) 1995-20002.6
Rural Population (%) 199946.0
Economic Indicators
GDP per capita (US$) 19971,138
Annual growth rate (%) 19974.0
Forest Stats
Total Forest Area ('000 ha) 2000461
Forest area (% of total land area) 20002.5
Forest Area per capita (ha) 2000n.s.
Forest Plantations ('000 ha) 2000229
Forest Change ('000 ha) 1990-2000n.s.
Forest Area Annual rate of change (%) 1990-2000n.s.

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