List of AVES species in Indonesia

This is a list of AVES in Indonesia according to the IUCN Red List.

This list was last updated 2019-09-14


This list contains only species that have been assessed for the IUCN Red List. It is therefore not representative of all the species in the country.

Species counts by country: Total | Amphibians | Birds | Fish | Mammals | Reptiles | Vascular Plants.

Philemon moluccensis Black-faced Friarbird 103686144 LC
Cryptophaps poecilorrhoa Sombre Pigeon 22691847 LC
Gymnophaps albertisii Papuan Mountain-pigeon 22691850 LC
Meropogon forsteni Purple-bearded Bee-eater 22683667 LC
Philemon plumigenis Tanimbar Friarbird 103686165 LC
Goura cristata Great Goura 22691865 VU
Goura victoria Victoria Crowned Pigeon 22691874 NT
Edolisoma grayi Moluccan Cicadabird 103702585 LC
Edolisoma obiense Obi Cicadabird 103702589 LC
Zosterops stalkeri Seram White-eye 22732863 LC
Edolisoma meyerii Geelvink Cicadabird 103702598 LC
Myophonus melanurus Shiny Whistling-Thrush 22708303 LC
Dicaeum erythrothorax Buru Flowerpecker 103776345 LC
Dicaeum schistaceiceps Halmahera Flowerpecker 103776352 LC
Ninox burhani Togian Boobook 22732909 NT
Geomalia heinrichi Geomalia 22708339 NT
Geokichla schistacea Slaty-backed Thrush 22708342 NT
Platysmurus leucopterus Malay Black Magpie 103719039 LC
Caprimulgus meesi Mees's Nightjar 22732941 LC
Geokichla peronii Orange-banded Thrush 22708370 NT
Geokichla leucolaema Enggano Thrush 22732956 NT
Geokichla mendeni Red-and-black Thrush 22732961 NT
Thapsinillas chloris Halmahera Golden Bulbul 103841956 LC
Myophonus castaneus Brown-winged Whistling Thrush 22732967 NT
Monachella muelleriana Torrent Flyrobin 103735468 LC
Myophonus borneensis Bornean Whistling-thrush 22732973 LC
Cuculus crassirostris Sulawesi Cuckoo 22683827 LC
Cissa thalassina Javan Green Magpie 22724821 CR
Alcippe pyrrhoptera Javan Fulvetta 22716636 LC
Cissa jefferyi Bornean Green Magpie 22724829 LC
Brachypteryx montana Javan Shortwing 103866595 LC
Zoothera andromedae Sunda Thrush 22708481 LC
Brachypteryx erythrogyna Bornean Shortwing 103866633 LC
Lalage atrovirens Black-browed Triller 103702795 LC
Brachypteryx saturata Sumatran Shortwing 103866639 LC
Laniellus albonotatus Spotted Crocias 22716693 NT
Zoothera machiki Fawn-breasted Thrush 22708509 NT
Cacomantis aeruginosus Moluccan Cuckoo 22683935 LC
Chalcites megarhynchus Long-billed Cuckoo 22683944 LC
Cataponera turdoides Sulawesi Thrush 22708538 LC
Lalage leucoptera Biak Triller 103702845 NT
Brachypteryx floris Flores Shortwing 103866688 LC
Chalcites crassirostris Pied Bronze Cuckoo 22683968 LC
Chalcites ruficollis Rufous-throated Bronze-Cuckoo 22683990 LC
Chalcites meyerii White-eared Bronze-cuckoo 22683995 LC
Myzomela eques Ruby-throated Myzomela 103686493 LC
Dendrocitta occipitalis Sumatran Treepie 103719284 LC
Dicaeum sanguinolentum Blood-breasted Flowerpecker 103776636 LC
Caliechthrus leucolophus White-crowned Cuckoo 22684032 LC
Microdynamis parva Dwarf Koel 22684046 LC
Corvus violaceus Violet Crow 103727509 LC
Thapsinillas aurea Togian Golden Bulbul 103842202 LC
Dicaeum wilhelminae Sumba Flowerpecker 103776669 LC
Myzomela rubrobrunnea Red-brown Myzomela 103686589 LC
Dicaeum hanieli Timor Flowerpecker 103776714 LC
Myzomela simplex Moluccan Myzomela 103686603 LC
Myzomela rubrotincta Obi Myzomela 103686620 LC
Myzomela cruentata Red Myzomela 103686661 LC
Centropus goliath Goliath Coucal 22684195 LC
Centropus menbeki Ivory-billed Coucal 22684202 LC
Centropus spilopterus Kai Coucal 22684212 LC
Centropus bernsteini Black-billed Coucal 22684215 LC
Centropus chalybeus Biak Coucal 22684219 NT
Hypotaenidia torquata Barred Rail 22692418 LC
Centropus nigrorufus Javan Coucal 22684236 VU
Otidiphaps nobilis Green-naped Pheasant-pigeon 22725247 LC
Centropus celebensis Bay Coucal 22684303 LC
Ptilinopus temminckii Western Superb Fruit-dove 22725286 LC
Ducula basilica Cinnamon-bellied Imperial-Pigeon 22725292 LC
Pteruthius flaviscapis Pied Shrike-babbler 103693557 LC
Ducula obiensis Rusty Imperial-pigeon 22725304 LC
Dicaeum beccarii Sumatran Flowerpecker 103776954 LC
Myzomela chloroptera Sulawesi Myzomela 103686853 LC
Aramidopsis plateni Platen's Rail 22692552 VU
Pitta maxima Ivory-breasted Pitta 102998728 LC
Charmosyna papou Papuan Lorikeet 22725340 LC
Charmosyna stellae Stella's Lorikeet 22725349 LC
Chlamydochaera jefferyi Black-breasted Fruit-hunter 22708965 LC
Cyclopsitta gulielmitertii Orange-breasted Fig Parrot 22725355 LC
Cyclopsitta melanogenia Dusky-cheeked Fig-parrot 22725367 LC
Gymnocrex rosenbergii Schlegel's Rail 22692604 VU
Taeniopygia guttata Timor Zebra Finch 103817982 LC
Gymnocrex plumbeiventris Bare-eyed Rail 22692609 LC
Amaurornis isabellina Isabelline Bush-hen 22692624 LC
Myzomela batjanensis Bacan Myzomela 103686945 VU
Hylocitrea bonensis Northern Hylocitrea 103867190 LC
Phaenicophaeus oeneicaudus Mentawai Malkoha 22725431 LC
Chalcopsitta atra Black Lory 22684488 LC
Chalcopsitta duivenbodei Brown Lory 22684491 LC
Hylocitrea bonthaina Southern Hylocitrea 103867212 EN
Chalcopsitta scintillata Yellow-streaked Lory 22684494 LC
Eos histrio Red-and-blue Lory 22684502 EN
Eos squamata Violet-necked Lory 22684506 LC
Eos bornea Red Lory 22684509 LC
Myophonus glaucinus Sunda Whistling Thrush 22733656 LC
Eos reticulata Blue-streaked Lory 22684515 NT
Geokichla dumasi Buru Thrush 22733666 NT
Eos cyanogenia Black-winged Lory 22684519 VU
Geokichla joiceyi Seram Thrush 22733672 NT
Eos semilarvata Blue-eared Lory 22684524 LC
Pseudeos fuscata Dusky Lory 22684528 LC
Geokichla erythronota Red-backed Thrush 22733682 NT
Trichoglossus ornatus Ornate Lorikeet 22684531 LC
Eumyias additus Streak-breasted Jungle Flycatcher 22709117 NT
Pycnonotus leucops Pale-faced Bulbul 103834499 LC
Trichoglossus euteles Olive-headed Lorikeet 22684548 LC
Otus magicus Moluccan Scops-owl 45400973 LC
Otus tempestatis Wetar Scops-owl 45400982 LC
Psitteuteles iris Iris Lory 22684573 NT
Psitteuteles goldiei Goldie's Lorikeet 22684578 LC
Lorius garrulus Chattering Lory 22684581 VU
Cyornis ruficauda Rufous-tailed Jungle-flycatcher 22709161 LC
Lorius domicella Purple-naped Lory 22684586 EN
Habroptila wallacii Wallace's Rail 22692781 VU
Cyornis colonus Henna-tailed Jungle-flycatcher 22709166 NT
Lorius lory Black-capped Lory 22684594 LC
Megacrex inepta New Guinea Flightless Rail 22692785 LC
Ducula oenothorax Enggano Imperial-pigeon 22725573 NT
Muscicapa segregata Sumba Brown Flycatcher 22709214 NT
Psittaculirostris desmarestii Large Fig-parrot 22725599 LC
Psittaculirostris godmani Yellow-naped Fig-parrot 22725611 LC
Charmosyna toxopei Blue-fronted Lorikeet 22684671 CR
Charmosyna multistriata Striated Lorikeet 22684675 NT
Charmosyna wilhelminae Pygmy Lorikeet 22684680 LC
Charmosyna rubronotata Red-fronted Lorikeet 22684683 LC
Trichoglossus capistratus Marigold Lorikeet 22725321 LC
Charmosyna placentis Red-flanked Lorikeet 22684686 LC
Prionochilus percussus Crimson-breasted Flowerpecker 22717457 LC
Zosterops fuscicapilla Capped White-eye 103891978 LC
Charmosyna pulchella Fairy Lorikeet 22684701 LC
Dicaeum annae Golden-rumped Flowerpecker 22717469 LC
Charmosyna josefinae Josephine's Lorikeet 22684704 LC
Oreopsittacus arfaki Plum-faced Lorikeet 22684714 LC
Thapsinillas harterti Banggai Golden Bulbul 103842855 LC
Neopsittacus musschenbroekii Yellow-billed Lorikeet 22684717 LC
Neopsittacus pullicauda Orange-billed Lorikeet 22684720 LC
Dicaeum aureolimbatum Yellow-sided Flowerpecker 22717494 LC
Lycocorax pyrrhopterus Halmahera Paradise-crow 103728181 LC
Dicaeum nehrkorni Crimson-crowned Flowerpecker 22717534 LC
Lycocorax obiensis Obi Paradise-crow 103728215 LC
Dicaeum vulneratum Ashy Flowerpecker 22717540 LC
Dicaeum pectorale Olive-crowned Flowerpecker 22717543 LC
Cacatua sulphurea Yellow-crested Cockatoo 22684777 CR
Anthipes solitaris Rufous-browed Flycatcher 22709355 LC
Cacatua moluccensis Moluccan Cockatoo 22684784 VU
Cacatua alba White Cockatoo 22684789 EN
Ficedula rufigula Rufous-throated Flycatcher 22709367 NT
Dicaeum igniferum Black-fronted Flowerpecker 22717562 LC
Ficedula buruensis Cinnamon-chested Flycatcher 22709370 LC
Dicaeum maugei Red-chested Flowerpecker 22717565 LC
Myzomela rosenbergii Red-collared Myzomela 103687293 LC
Cacatua goffiniana Goffin's Cockatoo 22684800 NT
Ficedula henrici Damar Blue Flycatcher 22709376 NT
Dicaeum monticolum Black-sided Flowerpecker 22717572 LC
Dicaeum celebicum Grey-sided Flowerpecker 22717575 LC
Ficedula harterti Sumba Blue Flycatcher 22709382 LC
Dicaeum trochileum Scarlet-headed Flowerpecker 22717587 LC
Ficedula bonthaina Lompobattang Flycatcher 22709399 EN
Ninox ios Cinnabar Boobook 22728610 VU
Ficedula timorensis Black-banded Flycatcher 22709419 NT
Micropsitta keiensis Yellow-capped Pygmy-Parrot 22684845 LC
Micropsitta geelvinkiana Geelvink Pygmy-Parrot 22684850 NT
Micropsitta pusio Buff-faced Pygmy-parrot 22684856 LC
Eumyias panayensis Turquoise Flycatcher 22709445 LC
Micropsitta bruijnii Red-breasted Pygmy-Parrot 22684871 LC
Psilopogon oorti Black-browed Barbet 45360321 LC
Scolopax celebensis Sulawesi Woodcock 22693065 NT
Scolopax saturata Javan Woodcock 22693060 NT
Scolopax rochussenii Moluccan Woodcock 22693068 EN
Niltava sumatrana Rufous-vented Niltava 22709476 LC
Psittaculirostris edwardsii Edwards's Fig-parrot 22684903 LC
Parotia berlepschi Bronze Parotia 103728360 LC
Cyornis sanfordi Matinan Blue Flycatcher 22709482 EN
Psittaculirostris salvadorii Yellow-cheeked Fig Parrot 22684908 LC
Cyornis hoevelli Blue-fronted Flycatcher 22709490 LC
Cyornis hyacinthinus Timor Blue-flycatcher 22709494 LC
Cyornis ruckii Rueck's Niltava 22709502 CR
Psittacella brehmii Brehm's Tiger Parrot 22684925 LC
Psittacella modesta Modest Tiger-parrot 22684935 LC
Psittacella madaraszi Madarasz's Tiger Parrot 22684940 LC
Hieraaetus weiskei Pygmy Eagle 22734094 LC
Geoffroyus simplex Blue-collared Parrot 22684948 LC
Prioniturus flavicans Yellow-breasted Racquet-tail 22684991 NT
Prioniturus mada Buru Racquet-tail 22685001 LC
Prioniturus platurus Golden-mantled Racket-tail 22684997 LC
Tanygnathus megalorynchos Great-billed Parrot 22685006 LC
Tanygnathus lucionensis Blue-naped Parrot 22685009 NT
Cyornis omissus Sulawesi Blue Flycatcher 22709586 LC
Tanygnathus gramineus Black-lored Parrot 22685016 VU
Tanygnathus sumatranus Blue-backed Parrot 22685013 LC
Leptocoma aspasia Black Sunbird 22717791 LC
Culicicapa helianthea Citrine Canary-flycatcher 22709600 LC
Psittrichas fulgidus Pesquet's Parrot 22685025 VU
Cinnyris buettikoferi Apricot-breasted Sunbird 22717801 LC
Cinnyris solaris Flame-breasted Sunbird 22717805 LC
Alisterus amboinensis Moluccan King-Parrot 22685051 LC
Alisterus chloropterus Papuan King-parrot 22685058 LC
Aprosmictus jonquillaceus Timor Red-winged Parrot 22685063 NT
Locustella montis Sunda Grasshopper-warbler 103785896 LC
Cyornis oscillans Russet-backed Jungle-flycatcher 103761332 LC
Psilopogon australis Yellow-eared Barbet 22726122 LC
Cyornis stresemanni Sumba Jungle-flycatcher 103761453 LC
Pycnonotus dispar Ruby-throated Bulbul 103827052 VU
Garrulax bicolor Black-and-white Laughingthrush 22734448 EN
Aethopyga duyvenbodei Elegant Sunbird 22718068 EN
Aethopyga eximia White-flanked Sunbird 22718084 LC
Treron aromaticus Buru Green-pigeon 22726297 NT
Trichoglossus forsteni Scarlet-breasted Lorikeet 22726303 VU
Trichoglossus weberi Flores Lorikeet 22726309 NT
Trichoglossus rosenbergii Biak Lorikeet 22726315 VU
Arachnothera juliae Whitehead's Spiderhunter 22718131 LC
Melanocharis arfakiana Obscure Berrypecker 22718134 LC
Melanocharis nigra Black Berrypecker 22718137 LC
Rimator albostriatus Sumatran Wren-babbler 22734523 LC
Melanocharis longicauda Mid-mountain Berrypecker 22718140 LC
Heteromyias albispecularis Ashy Robin 103753407 LC
Melanocharis versteri Fan-tailed Berrypecker 22718143 LC
Melanocharis striativentris Streaked Berrypecker 22718146 LC
Toxorhamphus poliopterus Slaty-headed Longbill 22718152 LC
Loriculus stigmatus Sulawesi Hanging-Parrot 22685389 LC
Oedistoma iliolophus Plumed Longbill 22718159 LC
Oedistoma pygmaeum Pygmy Longbill 22718162 LC
Oreocharis arfaki Tit Berrypecker 22718165 LC
Loriculus catamene Sangihe Hanging-Parrot 22685399 NT
Loriculus aurantiifrons Orange-fronted Hanging-Parrot 22685405 LC
Loriculus exilis Red-billed Hanging-Parrot 22685416 NT
Dendrocopos analis Freckle-breasted Woodpecker 22726384 LC
Loriculus pusillus Yellow-throated Hanging-parrot 22685422 NT
Loriculus flosculus Wallace's Hanging-Parrot 22685428 EN
Pycnonotus montis Bornean Bulbul 103827210 LC
Heteromyias armiti Black-capped Robin 103753484 LC
Melipotes fumigatus Smoky Honeyeater 103688019 LC
Myiomela diana Sunda Blue Robin 22710114 LC
Enicurus velatus Sunda Forktail 22710126 LC
Picus dedemi Sumatran Woodpecker 22726521 NT
Cochoa beccarii Sumatran Cochoa 22710150 VU
Cuculus lepidus Sunda Lesser Cuckoo 22734726 LC
Cochoa azurea Javan Cochoa 22710153 VU
Dicaeum keiense Pink-breasted Flowerpecker 103778206 LC
Chrysocolaptes strictus Javan Flameback 22726560 VU
Ceyx lepidus Chameleon Dwarf Kingfisher 22726591 LC
Dicaeum ignicolle Aru Flowerpecker 103778239 LC
Cyornis sumatrensis Indochinese Blue-flycatcher 103761859 LC
Ceyx cajeli Buru Dwarf-kingfisher 22726607 NT
Charadrius javanicus Javan Plover 22693839 NT
Saxicola gutturalis Timor Bushchat 22710226 NT
Ceyx solitarius New Guinea Dwarf-kingfisher 22726613 LC
Arses telescopthalmus Frilled Monarch 103712805 LC
Vanellus macropterus Javanese Lapwing 22693962 CR
Anthus gutturalis Alpine Pipit 22718614 LC
Actenoides monachus Blue-headed Kingfisher 22726844 NT
Actenoides capucinus Black-headed Kingfisher 22726852 NT
Actenoides princeps Scaly-breasted Kingfisher 22726858 NT
Cittura cyanotis Lilac Kingfisher 22726889 LC
Cittura sanghirensis Sangihe Lilac Kingfisher 22726899 NT
Lacedo pulchella Banded Kingfisher 22726905 LC
Aplonis crassa Tanimbar Starling 22710522 NT
Aplonis mysolensis Moluccan Starling 22710544 LC
Aplonis minor Short-tailed Starling 22710547 LC
Aplonis magna Long-tailed Starling 22710559 LC
Aplonis mystacea Yellow-eyed Starling 22710562 NT
Alcedo euryzona Javan Blue-banded Kingfisher 22726971 CR
Cyornis djampeanus Tanahjampea Blue-flycatcher 103762270 NT
Caloramphus hayii Malay Brown Barbet 22727057 NT
Cincloramphus macrurus Papuan Grassbird 103795115 LC
Psittaculirostris cervicalis Red-faced Fig-parrot 22725617 LC
Leptocoma sperata Purple-throated Sunbird 103795170 LC
Melipotes carolae Wattled Smoky Honeyeater 22735330 LC
Meiglyptes tristis White-rumped Woodpecker 22727198 EN
Ploceus hypoxanthus Asian Golden Weaver 22719008 NT
Hemicircus concretus Red-crested Woodpecker 22727212 LC
Casuarius bennetti Dwarf Cassowary 22678111 LC
Casuarius unappendiculatus Northern Cassowary 22678114 LC
Anas gibberifrons Sunda Teal 22727271 NT
Drymodes beccarii Papuan Scrub-robin 103737970 LC
Leucopsar rothschildi White Starling 22710912 CR
Acridotheres cinereus Pale-bellied Myna 22710940 LC
Mino anais Golden Myna 22710952 LC
Basilornis celebensis Sulawesi Myna 22710958 LC
Basilornis galeatus Helmeted Myna 22710961 NT
Basilornis corythaix Long-crested Myna 22710965 LC
Sericornis nouhuysi Large Scrubwren 104008381 LC
Streptocitta albertinae Bare-eyed Myna 22710981 NT
Enodes erythrophris Fiery-browed Starling 22710997 LC
Scissirostrum dubium Grosbeak Starling 22711001 LC
Arborophila charltonii Chestnut-necklaced Partridge 22727395 VU
Lophura erythrophthalma Rufous-tailed Pheasant 22727411 VU
Otus jolandae Rinjani Scops-owl 61786867 NT
Hydrochous gigas Waterfall Swift 22686485 NT
Lophura rufa Malay Crested Fireback 22727445 NT
Collocalia linchi Linchi Swiftlet 22686498 LC
Pellorneum capistratum Rufous-browed Babbler 103869220 LC
Aerodramus infuscatus Moluccan Swiftlet 22686522 LC
Aerodramus hirundinaceus Mountain Swiftlet 22686525 LC
Aerodramus vulcanorum Volcano Swiftlet 22686543 NT
Aerodramus papuensis Papuan Swiftlet 22686552 DD
Streptopelia bitorquata Island Collared-Dove 22727521 LC
Treron vernans Pink-necked Green-pigeon 22691137 LC
Trichoglossus flavoviridis Yellow-and-green Lorikeet 22727565 LC
Trichoglossus meyeri Mustard-capped Lorikeet 22727575 LC
Erythropitta inspeculata Talaud Pitta 103656357 VU
Mearnsia novaeguineae Papuan Spine-tailed Swift 22686634 LC
Erythropitta caeruleitorques Sangihe Pitta 103656367 EN
Erythropitta palliceps Siau Pitta 103656371 EN
Psittinus abbotti Simeulue Parrot 22727609 NT
Sitta azurea Blue Nuthatch 22711225 LC
Pycnonotus bimaculatus Orange-spotted Bulbul 103828414 NT
Erythropitta celebensis Sulawesi Pitta 103656387 LC
Erythropitta rufiventris North Moluccan Pitta 103656402 LC
Hirundapus celebensis Purple Needletail 22686690 LC
Erythropitta rubrinucha South Moluccan Pitta 103656434 LC
Pernis celebensis Sulawesi Honey-buzzard 22727689 LC
Aepypodius arfakianus Wattled Brushturkey 22678555 LC
Aepypodius bruijnii Waigeo Brushturkey 22678559 EN
Talegalla cuvieri Red-billed Brush-turkey 22678564 LC
Accipiter hiogaster Variable Goshawk 22727721 LC
Accipiter sylvestris Lesser Sundas Goshawk 22727727 LC
Macrocephalon maleo Maleo Megapode 22678576 EN
Talegalla jobiensis Collared Brushturkey 22678572 LC
Megapodius cumingii Philippine Megapode 22678588 LC
Henicopernis longicauda Long-tailed Honey Buzzard 22694976 LC
Megapodius bernsteinii Sula Scrubfowl 22678593 VU
Megapodius freycinet Dusky Scrubfowl 22678602 LC
Megapodius decollatus New Guinea Scrubfowl 22678607 LC
Todiramphus enigma Talaud Kingfisher 22683410 NT
Eulipoa wallacei Moluccan Scrubfowl 22678632 VU
Todiramphus saurophagus Beach Kingfisher 22683422 LC
Todiramphus australasia Cinnamon-banded Kingfisher 22683428 NT
Oreostruthus fuliginosus Mountain Firetail 22719663 LC
Dendrocitta cinerascens Bornean Treepie 22736049 LC
Hemiprocne mystacea Moustached Treeswift 22686897 LC
Sericulus ardens Flame Bowerbird 22736077 LC
Erythrura hyperythra Tawny-breasted Parrot-Finch 22719695 LC
Ninox squamipila Seram Boobook 22727893 LC
Surniculus musschenbroeki Moluccan Drongo-cuckoo 22736089 LC
Erythrura tricolor Tricoloured Parrotfinch 22719707 LC
Ninox hypogramma Halmahera Boobook 22727900 LC
Ninox hantu Buru Boobook 22727909 LC
Erythrura papuana Papuan Parrot-Finch 22719721 LC
Ninox forbesi Tanimbar Boobook 22727916 LC
Actenoides regalis Plain-backed Kingfisher 22727941 VU
Cinnyris idenburgi Rand's Sunbird 103804169 LC
Thapsinillas platenae Sangihe Golden Bulbul 103842251 CR
Chrysophlegma mentale Javan Yellownape 62049548 NT
Talegalla fuscirostris Black-billed Brushturkey 22678568 LC
Zosterops somadikartai Togian White-eye 22736183 NT
Psittacella picta Painted Tiger-parrot 45419833 LC
Lonchura leucogastroides Javan Munia 22719809 LC
Psittacella lorentzi Snow Mountain Tiger-parrot 45419842 LC
Lonchura molucca Black-faced Munia 22719815 LC
Lonchura tristissima Streak-headed Munia 22719831 LC
Lonchura leucosticta White-spotted Munia 22719834 LC
Otidiphaps aruensis White-naped Pheasant-pigeon 22728031 VU
Lonchura ferruginosa White-capped Munia 22719844 LC
Ramphiculus fischeri Red-eared Fruit-dove 22728038 LC
Lonchura quinticolor Five-colored Munia 22719847 LC
Lonchura maja White-headed Munia 22719851 LC
Ramphiculus meridionalis Lompobattang Fruit-dove 22728045 VU
Lonchura pallida Pale-headed Munia 22719854 LC
Lonchura grandis Grand Munia 22719857 LC
Ptilinopus ornatus Western Ornate Fruit-dove 22728052 LC
Lonchura vana Grey-banded Munia 22719861 VU
Lonchura nevermanni Grey-crowned Munia 22719867 LC
Ptilinopus gestroi Eastern Ornate Fruit-dove 22728059 LC
Lonchura spectabilis Hooded Munia 22719870 LC
Spilornis rufipectus Sulawesi Serpent-eagle 22695313 LC
Lonchura stygia Black Munia 22719890 NT
Lonchura teerinki Black-breasted Munia 22719893 LC
Lonchura montana Western Alpine Munia 22719896 LC
Ptilinopus speciosus Geelvink Fruit-dove 22728089 LC
Ducula myristicivora Spice Imperial-pigeon 22728096 LC
Ducula geelvinkiana Geelvink Imperial-pigeon 22728104 LC
Aethopyga mystacalis Javan Sunbird 103804351 LC
Cormobates placens Papuan Treecreeper 22703557 LC
Pitta novaeguineae Eastern Hooded Pitta 103656907 LC
Pitta rosenbergii Biak Hooded Pitta 103656912 VU
Anurophasis monorthonyx Snow Mountain Quail 22678993 NT
Ramphiculus subgularis Banggai Fruit-dove 22728146 VU
Eurylaimus javanicus Javan Broadbill 103656944 NT
Phylloscopus grammiceps Javan Warbler 103845369 LC
Arborophila orientalis Grey-breasted Partridge 22679038 VU
Ailuroedus buccoides White-eared Catbird 22703618 LC
Arborophila javanica Chestnut-bellied Partridge 22679044 LC
Phylloscopus sumatrensis Sumatran Warbler 103845379 LC
Arborophila hyperythra Bornean Partridge 22679047 LC
Arborophila rubrirostris Red-billed Partridge 22679060 LC
Amblyornis inornata Vogelkop Bowerbird 22703644 LC
Amblyornis macgregoriae MacGregor's Bowerbird 22703651 LC
Accipiter griseiceps Sulawesi Goshawk 22695465 LC
Amblyornis flavifrons Yellow-fronted Bowerbird 22703657 LC
Rhizothera longirostris Long-billed Partridge 22728238 NT
Caloperdix oculeus Ferruginous Partridge 22679094 NT
Haematortyx sanguiniceps Crimson-headed Partridge 22679103 LC
Chlamydera lauterbachi Yellow-breasted Bowerbird 22703700 LC
Accipiter trinotatus Spot-tailed Sparrowhawk 22695516 LC
Clytomyias insignis Orange-crowned Fairywren 22703709 LC
Sipodotus wallacii Wallace's Fairywren 22703712 LC
Chenorhamphus grayi Broad-billed Fairywren 22703715 LC
Ficedula riedeli Tanimbar Flycatcher 103771748 LC
Accipiter melanochlamys Black-mantled Goshawk 22695532 LC
Malurus alboscapulatus White-shouldered Fairywren 22703725 LC
Accipiter henicogrammus Moluccan Goshawk 22695544 NT
Accipiter poliocephalus Grey-headed Goshawk 22695558 LC
Hydrornis guajanus Javan Banded Pitta 22736518 LC
Hydrornis irena Malay Banded Pitta 22736523 NT
Malurus cyanocephalus Emperor Fairywren 22703765 LC
Tyto almae Seram Masked-owl 62172832 DD
Accipiter nanus Dwarf Sparrowhawk 22695591 NT
Accipiter erythrauchen Rufous-necked Sparrowhawk 22695596 NT
Mixornis flavicollis Grey-cheeked Tit-babbler 103894706 LC
Accipiter rhodogaster Vinous-breasted Sparrowhawk 22695610 LC
Myzomela blasii Drab Myzomela 22703810 LC
Mixornis prillwitzi Kangean Tit-babbler 103894733 VU
Myzomela nigrita Black Myzomela 22703827 LC
Myzomela adolphinae Midget Myzomela 22703834 LC
Myzomela kuehni Wetar Myzomela 22703838 LC
Psaltria exilis Pygmy Tit 22712032 LC
Myzomela dammermani Sumba Myzomela 22703842 LC
Myzomela wakoloensis Wakolo Myzomela 22703852 LC
Myzomela boiei Banda Myzomela 22703855 LC
Accipiter meyerianus Meyer's Goshawk 22695689 LC
Aegotheles tatei Spangled Owlet-nightjar 22728459 DD
Erythrotriorchis buergersi Chestnut-shouldered Hawk 22695692 DD
Alophoixus ochraceus Ochraceous Bulbul 103821072 LC
Megatriorchis doriae Doria's Goshawk 22695706 NT
Myzomela vulnerata Black-breasted Myzomela 22703906 LC
Streptocitta albicollis Southern White-necked Myna 103878446 LC
Aerodramus nuditarsus Bare-legged Swiftlet 22728501 LC
Timeliopsis fulvigula Olive Straightbill 22703928 LC
Melilestes megarhynchus Long-billed Honeyeater 22703934 LC
Timeliopsis griseigula Tawny Straightbill 22703931 LC
Polyplectron chalcurum Bronze-tailed Peacock-Pheasant 22679361 LC
Megapodius geelvinkianus Biak Scrubfowl 22728514 VU
Lichmera lombokia Scaly-crowned Honeyeater 22703943 LC
Lichmera argentauris Olive Honeyeater 22703946 LC
Streptocitta torquata Northern White-necked Myna 103878479 LC
Lichmera squamata Scaly-breasted Honeyeater 22703959 LC
Lichmera alboauricularis Silver-eared Honeyeater 22703963 LC
Lichmera deningeri Buru Honeyeater 22703966 LC
Lichmera monticola Seram Honeyeater 22703969 LC
Lichmera flavicans Flame-eared Honeyeater 22703972 LC
Polyplectron schleiermacheri Bornean Peacock-pheasant 22679393 EN
Lichmera notabilis Wetar Honeyeater 22703976 LC
Leiothrix laurinae Sumatran Mesia 103878509 EN
Microptilotis montanus Forest Honeyeater 22703984 LC
Microptilotis mimikae Mottle-breasted Honeyeater 22703987 LC
Microptilotis orientalis Hill-forest Honeyeater 22703990 LC
Microptilotis albonotatus Scrub Honeyeater 22703993 LC
Meliphaga aruensis Puff-backed Honeyeater 22703996 LC
Microptilotis analogus Mimic Honeyeater 22703999 LC
Microptilotis flavirictus Yellow-gaped Honeyeater 22704013 LC
Lonchura fuscata Timor Sparrow 22728596 NT
Otus siaoensis Siau Scops-owl 22728599 CR
Microptilotis reticulatus Streaky-breasted Honeyeater 22704024 LC
Zosterops nehrkorni Sangihe White-eye 22728605 CR
Caligavis subfrenata Black-throated Honeyeater 22704037 LC
Caligavis obscura Obscure Honeyeater 22704040 LC
Gymnocrex talaudensis Talaud Rail 22728616 EN
Cnemophilus sanguineus Red Satinbird 103731114 LC
Alophoixus bres Brown-cheeked Bulbul 103821243 LC
Mino dumontii Yellow-faced Myna 103878613 LC
Pitta morotaiensis Morotai Pitta 102998975 NT
Xanthotis polygrammus Spotted Honeyeater 22704103 LC
Oreornis chrysogenys Orange-cheeked Honeyeater 22704122 LC
Pycnopygius ixoides Plain Honeyeater 22704161 LC
Pycnopygius cinereus Marbled Honeyeater 22704164 LC
Pycnopygius stictocephalus Streak-headed Honeyeater 22704167 LC
Melitograis gilolensis White-streaked Friarbird 22704170 LC
Philemon meyeri Meyer's Friarbird 22704173 LC
Philemon inornatus Timor Friarbird 22704176 LC
Philemon kisserensis Grey Friarbird 22704180 LC
Philemon brassi Brass's Friarbird 22704185 NT
Philemon fuscicapillus Morotai Friarbird 22704193 VU
Harpyopsis novaeguineae Papuan Eagle 22696007 VU
Philemon subcorniculatus Seram Friarbird 22704200 LC
Ptiloprora plumbea Leaden Honeyeater 22704233 LC
Ptiloprora meekiana Olive-streaked Honeyeater 22704236 LC
Ptiloprora erythropleura Rufous-sided Honeyeater 22704239 LC
Ptiloprora mayri Mayr's Honeyeater 22704242 LC
Alopecoenas beccarii Western Bronze Ground-dove 60444792 LC
Ptiloprora perstriata Grey-streaked Honeyeater 22704248 LC
Melidectes fuscus Sooty Honeyeater 22704252 LC
Melidectes nouhuysi Short-bearded Honeyeater 22704260 LC
Melidectes ochromelas Cinnamon-browed Honeyeater 22704268 LC
Melidectes leucostephes White-capped Honeyeater 22704272 LC
Melidectes belfordi Belford's Honeyeater 22704276 LC
Gracula venerata Tenggara Hill Myna 103878806 EN
Melidectes rufocrissalis Yellow-browed Honeyeater 22704280 LC
Melidectes torquatus Ornate Honeyeater 22704288 LC
Gracula robusta Nias Hill Myna 103878817 CR
Melipotes gymnops Bare-eyed Honeyeater 22704295 LC
Myza celebensis Dark-eared Myza 22704307 LC
Myza sarasinorum White-eared Myza 22704310 LC
Nisaetus bartelsi Javan Hawk-Eagle 22696165 EN
Nisaetus lanceolatus Sulawesi Hawk-eagle 22696172 LC
Pycnonotus leucogrammicus Cream-striped Bulbul 22712610 LC
Cyclopsitta nigrifrons Black-fronted Fig-parrot 45420837 LC
Pycnonotus tympanistrigus Spot-necked Bulbul 22712613 NT
Lophura inornata Salvadori's Pheasant 45355372 NT
Acridotheres melanopterus Black-winged Myna 103870843 CR
Crateroscelis murina Rusty Mouse Warbler 22704523 LC
Crateroscelis nigrorufa Bicoloured Mouse-warbler 22704527 LC
Crateroscelis robusta Mountain Mouse-warbler 22704532 LC
Sericornis rufescens Vogelkop Scrubwren 22704570 LC
Sericornis perspicillatus Buff-faced Scrubwren 22704573 LC
Sericornis arfakianus Grey-green Scrubwren 22704576 LC
Sericornis papuensis Papuan Scrubwren 22704579 LC
Falco moluccensis Spotted Kestrel 22696388 LC
Sericornis spilodera Pale-billed Scrubwren 22704582 LC
Acanthiza murina Papuan Thornbill 22704624 LC
Acridotheres tricolor Grey-backed Myna 103870973 CR
Acanthiza cinerea Ashy Gerygone 22704665 LC
Gerygone chrysogaster Yellow-bellied Gerygone 22704689 LC
Ramphiculus epius Maroon-chinned Fruit-dove 22725071 LC
Gerygone hypoxantha Biak Gerygone 22704697 VU
Salvadorina waigiuensis Salvadori's Teal 22680127 VU
Gerygone inornata Plain Gerygone 22704708 LC
Gerygone dorsalis Rufous-sided Gerygone 22704711 LC
Gerygone ruficollis Treefern Gerygone 22704714 LC
Acridotheres tertius Grey-rumped Myna 103871084 CR
Cyanoderma erythropterum Chestnut-winged Babbler 103895665 LC
Amalocichla sclateriana Greater Ground Robin 22704757 LC
Amalocichla incerta Lesser Ground-robin 22704761 LC
Microeca hemixantha Golden-bellied Flyrobin 22704773 NT
Kempiella flavovirescens Olive Flyrobin 22704786 LC
Devioeca papuana Canary Flyrobin 22704789 LC
Eugerygone rubra Garnet Robin 22704792 LC
Petroica bivittata Cloud-forest Robin 22704795 LC
Petroica archboldi Snow Mountain Robin 22704799 DD
Tyto inexspectata Minahassa Barn-owl 22688441 VU
Tyto nigrobrunnea Taliabu Masked-owl 22688449 VU
Poecilodryas brachyura Black-chinned Robin 22704869 LC
Poecilodryas hypoleuca Black-sided Robin 22704872 LC
Tyto rosenbergii Sulawesi Masked Owl 22688489 LC
Gennaeodryas placens Olive-yellow Robin 22704880 NT
Plesiodryas albonotata Black-throated Robin 22704883 LC
Peneothello sigillata White-winged Robin 22704886 LC
Peneothello cryptoleuca Smoky Robin 22704889 LC
Peneothello bimaculata White-rumped Robin 22704900 LC
Peneothello cyanus Blue-grey Robin 22704896 LC
Pachycephalopsis hattamensis Green-backed Robin 22704917 LC
Pachycephalopsis poliosoma White-eyed Robin 22704920 LC
Ceyx fallax Sulawesi Dwarf-kingfisher 45355839 NT
Chloropsis venusta Blue-masked Leafbird 22704969 NT
Otus umbra Simeulue Scops-owl 22688586 NT
Otus angelinae Javan Scops-Owl 22688591 VU
Ceyx sangirensis Sangihe Dwarf-kingfisher 45355856 CR
Garritornis isidorei New Guinea Babbler 22704980 LC
Acridotheres javanicus Javan Myna 103871334 VU
Chrysocorythus estherae Mountain Serin 103764840 LC
Thapsinillas affinis Seram Golden Bulbul 103838632 LC
Malia grata Malia 22713260 LC
Hypothymis puella Pale-blue Monarch 103715774 LC
Otus brookii Rajah Scops-owl 22688703 LC
Otus mentawi Mentawai Scops-Owl 22688713 NT
Otus silvicola Wallace's Scops Owl 22688734 LC
Turnix everetti Sumba Buttonquail 22680592 VU
Arborophila sumatrana Sumatran Partridge 22729814 LC
Scolopax rosenbergii New Guinea Woodcock 22729848 LC
Aegotheles bennettii Barred Owlet-nightjar 60814475 LC
Androphobus viridis Papuan Whipbird 22705324 DD
Aegotheles affinis Allied Owlet-nightjar 60814512 DD
Ardeola speciosa Javan Pond-heron 22697138 LC
Cinclosoma ajax Painted Quail-thrush 22705363 LC
Ptilorrhoa leucosticta Spotted Jewel-babbler 22705366 LC
Ptilorrhoa castanonota Chestnut-backed Jewel-babbler 22705372 LC
Ifrita kowaldi Ifrit 22705379 LC
Daphoenositta miranda Black Sittella 22705391 LC
Pachycare flavogriseum Goldenface 22705414 LC
Prinia familiaris Bar-winged Prinia 22713598 NT
Rhagologus leucostigma Mottled Whistler 22705411 LC
Coracornis raveni Maroon-backed Whistler 22705425 LC
Aleadryas rufinucha Rufous-naped Bellbird 22705428 LC
Strix seloputo Spotted Wood-owl 22689061 LC
Pachycephala phaionota Island Whistler 22705449 LC
Pachycephala hyperythra Rusty Whistler 22705457 LC
Daphoenositta papuensis Papuan Sittella 103691575 LC
Pachycephala hypoxantha Bornean Whistler 22705463 LC
Pachycephala sulfuriventer Sulphur-vented Whistler 22705466 LC
Zonerodius heliosylus Forest Bittern 22697274 NT
Pachycephala meyeri Vogelkop Whistler 22705473 LC
Pitohui kirhocephalus Northern Variable Pitohui 103691592 LC
Hemixos connectens Green-winged Bulbul 103822666 LC
Ninox sumbaensis Least Boobook 22730062 EN
Pachycephala orpheus Fawn-breasted Whistler 22705486 LC
Pitohui uropygialis Southern Variable Pitohui 103691602 LC
Pachycephala soror Sclater's Whistler 22705493 LC
Pitohui cerviniventris Waigeo Pitohui 103691606 LC
Pachycephala lorentzi Lorentz's Whistler 22705496 LC
Hemixos cinereus Cinereous Bulbul 103822693 LC
Oriolus melanotis Timor Oriole 103691625 LC
Pachycephala schlegelii Regent Whistler 22705513 LC
Pachycephala nudigula Bare-throated Whistler 22705516 LC
Oriolus finschi Wetar Oriole 103691629 LC
Pachycephala aurea Golden-backed Whistler 22705522 LC
Pachycephala griseonota Drab Whistler 22705525 LC
Pachycephala arctitorquis Wallacean Whistler 22705528 LC
Oriolus bouroensis Buru Oriole 103691647 LC
Pachycephala leucogastra White-bellied Whistler 22705534 LC
Pachycephala monacha Black-headed Whistler 22705531 LC
Oriolus decipiens Tanimbar Oriole 103691651 LC
Colluricincla tenebrosa Sooty Shrikethrush 22705543 LC
Pitohui dichrous Hooded Pitohui 22705576 LC
Pseudorectes incertus White-bellied Pitohui 22705579 NT
Pseudorectes ferrugineus Rusty Pitohui 22705583 LC
Ornorectes cristatus Crested Pitohui 22705586 LC
Melanorectes nigrescens Black Pitohui 22705589 LC
Eulacestoma nigropectus Wattled Ploughbill 22705592 LC
Apalharpactes mackloti Sumatran Trogon 22730186 LC
Picoides temminckii Sulawesi Pygmy Woodpecker 22681042 LC
Glaucidium castanopterum Javan Owlet 22689280 LC
Ninox rudolfi Sumba Boobook 22689398 NT
Thapsinillas longirostris Sula Golden Bulbul 103842733 LC
Ninox ochracea Ochre-bellied Boobook 22689439 NT
Geokichla dohertyi Chestnut-backed Thrush 22708361 NT
Mycteria cinerea Milky Stork 22697651 EN
Ninox theomacha Jungle Hawk-Owl 22689460 LC
Zosterops salvadorii Enggano White-eye 22714040 LC
Ninox punctulata Speckled Hawk-Owl 22689470 LC
Zosterops atricapilla Black-capped White-eye 22714060 LC
Uroglaux dimorpha Papuan Hawk-Owl 22689490 LC
Zosterops montanus Mountain White-eye 22714075 LC
Ixos virescens Javan Bulbul 103823071 LC
Zosterops flavus Javan White-eye 22714082 VU
Zosterops chloris Lemon-bellied White-eye 22714085 LC
Ixos sumatranus Sumatran Bulbul 103823086 LC
Zosterops grayi Pearl-bellied White-eye 22714100 NT
Zosterops uropygialis Little Kai White-eye 22714103 NT
Zosterops consobrinorum Pale-bellied White-eye 22714107 LC
Zosterops anomalus Sulawesi White-eye 22714110 LC
Heleia wallacei Yellow-spectacled White-eye 22714115 LC
Zosterops atrifrons Black-crowned White-eye 22714119 LC
Aegotheles crinifrons Long-whiskered Owlet-Nightjar 22689546 LC
Aegotheles insignis Feline Owlet-nightjar 22689550 LC
Zosterops atriceps Cream-throated White-eye 22714124 LC
Hydrornis schneideri Schneider's Pitta 22698611 VU
Zosterops mysorensis Biak White-eye 22714140 NT
Corvus typicus Piping Crow 22705950 LC
Garrulax mitratus Chestnut-capped Laughingthrush 103872287 NT
Aegotheles wallacii Wallace's Owlet-nightjar 22689568 LC
Corvus unicolor Banggai Crow 22705953 CR
Aegotheles archboldi Archbold's Owlet-Nightjar 22689572 LC
Corvus florensis Flores Crow 22705956 EN
Aegotheles albertisi Mountain Owlet-nightjar 22689576 LC
Corvus validus Long-billed Crow 22705963 NT
Zosterops buruensis Buru White-eye 22714151 LC
Zosterops kuehni Ambon White-eye 22714155 NT
Zosterops novaeguineae New Guinea White-eye 22714159 LC
Toxorhamphus novaeguineae Green-crowned Longbill 22718156 LC
Corvus fuscicapillus Brown-headed Crow 22705972 NT
Corvus tristis Grey Crow 22705975 LC
Batrachostomus harterti Dulit Frogmouth 22689594 NT
Garrulax treacheri Chestnut-hooded Laughingthrush 103872315 LC
Rhipidura superflua Tawny-backed Fantail 22706887 LC
Batrachostomus poliolophus Short-tailed Frogmouth 22689610 NT
Batrachostomus mixtus Bornean Frogmouth 22689613 NT
Sericulus aureus Masked Bowerbird 103683932 LC
Eurostopodus diabolicus Satanic Eared-Nightjar 22689670 VU
Eurostopodus papuensis Papuan Eared-Nightjar 22689675 LC
Eurostopodus archboldi Cloud-forest Nightjar 22689680 LC
Melampitta lugubris Lesser Melampitta 22706085 LC
Megalampitta gigantea Greater Melampitta 22706088 LC
Loboparadisea sericea Silken Satinbird 22706091 NT
Tephrozosterops stalkeri Rufescent Darkeye 22714285 LC
Madanga ruficollis Buru Mountain White-eye 22714290 EN
Cnemophilus loriae Velvet Satinbird 22706100 LC
Heleia javanica Javan Grey-throated White-eye 22714295 LC
Macgregoria pulchra Macgregor's Bird-of-paradise 22706104 VU
Heleia squamiceps Streak-headed Ibon 22714299 LC
Manucodia ater Glossy-mantled Manucode 22706114 LC
Heleia superciliaris Cream-browed Ibon 22714307 LC
Heleia pinaiae Grey-hooded Ibon 22714311 LC
Manucodia chalybatus Crinkle-collared Manucode 22706121 LC
Heleia dohertyi Crested Ibon 22714315 LC
Heleia squamifrons Pygmy Ibon 22714319 LC
Heleia crassirostris Thick-billed White-eye 22714323 LC
Manucodia jobiensis Jobi Manucode 22706131 LC
Heleia muelleri Spot-breasted White-eye 22714327 NT
Chlorocharis emiliae Mountain Blackeye 22714332 LC
Semioptera wallacii Wallace's Standardwing 22706140 LC
Paradigalla carunculata Long-tailed Paradigalla 22706145 NT
Paradigalla brevicauda Short-tailed Paradigalla 22706148 LC
Epimachus fastosus Black Sicklebill 22706151 LC
Mulleripicus fulvus Ashy Woodpecker 22681575 LC
Epimachus meyeri Brown Sicklebill 22706154 LC
Drepanornis albertisi Black-billed Sicklebill 22706157 LC
Drepanornis bruijnii White-billed Sicklebill 22706160 NT
Psilopogon pyrolophus Fire-tufted Barbet 22681588 LC
Tesia superciliaris Javan Tesia 22714356 LC
Lophorina superba Superb Bird-of-Paradise 22706167 LC
Tesia everetti Russet-capped Tesia 22714359 LC
Urosphena subulata Timor Stubtail 22714362 LC
Parotia sefilata Western Parotia 22706171 LC
Urosphena whiteheadi Bornean Stubtail 22714365 LC
Parotia carolae Carola's Parotia 22706174 LC
Psilopogon corvinus Brown-throated Barbet 22681609 LC
Psilopogon javensis Black-banded Barbet 22681622 NT
Cicinnurus magnificus Magnificent Bird-of-paradise 22706199 LC
Cicinnurus respublica Wilson's Bird-of-paradise 22706202 NT
Cicinnurus regius King Bird-of-Paradise 22706208 LC
Pterodroma sandwichensis Hawaiian Petrel 22698017 EN
Astrapia nigra Arfak Astrapia 22706212 LC
Astrapia splendidissima Splendid Astrapia 22706215 LC
Psilopogon monticola Mountain Barbet 22681643 LC
Horornis carolinae Tanimbar Bush-warbler 22714418 NT
Psilopogon armillaris Flame-fronted Barbet 22681652 LC
Pteridophora alberti King of Saxony Bird-of-paradise 22706229 LC
Psilopogon pulcherrimus Golden-naped Barbet 22681655 LC
Seleucidis melanoleucus Twelve-wired Bird-of-Paradise 22706233 LC
Paradisaea rubra Red Bird-of-Paradise 22706241 NT
Psilopogon eximius Bornean Barbet 22681665 LC
Paradisaea minor Lesser Bird-of-paradise 22706245 LC
Paradisaea apoda Greater Bird-of-Paradise 22706249 LC
Paradisaea raggiana Raggiana Bird-of-paradise 22706253 LC
Cracticus cassicus Hooded Butcherbird 22706276 LC
Rhipidura rufiventris Timor Fantail 103708785 LC
Artamus monachus Ivory-backed Woodswallow 22706308 LC
Artamus maximus Great Woodswallow 22706311 LC
Caprimulgus celebensis Sulawesi Nightjar 22689937 LC
Peltops blainvillii Clicking Shieldbill 22706339 LC
Peltops montanus Tinkling Shieldbill 22706343 LC
Oriolus forsteni Grey-collared Oriole 22706353 LC
Oriolus phaeochromus Halmahera Oriole 22706356 LC
Oriolus szalayi Brown Oriole 22706359 LC
Locustella castanea Chestnut-backed Bush Warbler 22714559 LC
Caprimulgus pulchellus Salvadori's Nightjar 22689997 NT
Rhipidura hoedti Banda Fantail 103708881 LC
Otus beccarii Biak Scops-owl 22724754 VU
Rhipidura kordensis Biak Fantail 103708917 LC
Oriolus hosii Black Oriole 22706440 NT
Sphecotheres hypoleucus Wetar Figbird 22706452 LC
Sphecotheres viridis Timor Figbird 22706460 LC
Rhipidura tenkatei Roti Fantail 103708962 LC
Coracina larvata Sunda Cuckooshrike 22706470 LC
Coracina javensis Javan Cuckooshrike 22706476 LC
Coracina schistacea Sula Cuckoo-shrike 22706479 LC
Coracina personata Wallacean Cuckooshrike 22706483 LC
Coracina atriceps Moluccan Cuckooshrike 22706486 LC
Coracina fortis Buru Cuckooshrike 22706489 NT
Coracina caeruleogrisea Stout-billed Cuckoo-shrike 22706499 LC
Coracina temminckii Cerulean Cuckooshrike 22706502 LC
Oriolus cruentus Javan Oriole 103692619 LC
Coracina bicolor Pied Cuckooshrike 22706508 NT
Coracina boyeri Boyer's Cuckooshrike 22706516 LC
Coracina leucopygia White-rumped Cuckooshrike 22706519 LC
Coracina longicauda Hooded Cuckoo-shrike 22706526 LC
Edolisoma parvulum Halmahera Cuckooshrike 22706529 LC
Celebesica abbotti Pygmy Cuckooshrike 22706532 LC
Columba argentina Silvery Wood-Pigeon 22690195 CR
Edolisoma dohertyi Pale-shouldered Cicadabird 22706584 LC
Edolisoma sula Sula Cuckoo-shrike 22706588 LC
Edolisoma dispar Kai Cicadabird 22706593 NT
Edolisoma morio Sulawesi Cicadabird 22706601 LC
Edolisoma ceramense Pale Cicadabird 22706604 LC
Edolisoma incertum Black-shouldered Cicadabird 22706607 LC
Edolisoma schisticeps Black-tipped Cicadabird 22706610 LC
Edolisoma melas Black Cicadabird 22706614 LC
Edolisoma montanum Black-bellied Cuckooshrike 22706618 LC
Mixornis bornensis Bold-striped Tit-babbler 22734568 LC
Oriolus consanguineus Black-and-crimson Oriole 103692733 LC
Pycnonotus snouckaerti Aceh Bulbul 103831996 VU
Rhipidura obiensis Obi Fantail 103709130 LC
Campochaera sloetii Golden Cuckooshrike 22706645 LC
Lalage leucopygialis White-rumped Triller 22706654 LC
Lalage sueurii White-shouldered Triller 22706657 LC
Lalage aurea Rufous-bellied Triller 22706669 LC
Lalage moesta White-browed Triller 22706672 LC
Rhipidura bouruensis Buru Fantail 103709193 LC
Rhamphococcyx calyorhynchus Yellow-billed Malkoha 22684113 LC
Rhipidura cinerea Seram Fantail 103709232 LC
Otus mendeni Banggai Scops-owl 62290488 VU
Pericrocotus lansbergei Flores Minivet 22706747 LC
Pericrocotus miniatus Sunda Minivet 22706763 LC
Ducula perspicillata Spectacled Imperial-pigeon 45447765 LC
Ducula neglecta Seram Imperial-pigeon 45447768 LC
Rhipidura phoenicura Rufous-tailed Fantail 22706784 LC
Rhipidura euryura White-bellied Fantail 22706793 LC
Otus sulaensis Sula Scops-owl 62290539 NT
Rhipidura assimilis Kai Fantail 103709290 LC
Orthotomus sepium Olive-backed Tailorbird 22715003 LC
Rhipidura diluta Brown-capped Fantail 22706809 LC
Rhipidura fuscorufa Cinnamon-tailed Fantail 22706815 NT
Rhipidura threnothorax Sooty Thicket-fantail 22706821 LC
Rhipidura maculipectus Black Thicket-fantail 22706826 LC
Rhipidura leucothorax White-bellied Thicket Fantail 22706831 LC
Ceyx wallacii Sula Dwarf-kingfisher 61659795 NT
Eumyias indigo Indigo Flycatcher 103758482 LC
Rhipidura atra Black Fantail 22706836 LC
Rhipidura hyperythra Chestnut-bellied Fantail 22706839 LC
Rhipidura albolimbata Friendly Fantail 22706842 LC
Otus manadensis Sulawesi Scops-owl 62290590 LC
Erythropitta dohertyi Sula Pitta 22698656 NT
Erythropitta venusta Graceful Pitta 22698667 VU
Rhipidura brachyrhyncha Dimorphic Fantail 22706881 LC
Rhipidura teysmanni Rusty-bellied Fantail 22706884 LC
Pitta elegans Elegant Pitta 22698694 LC
Paramythia montium Eastern Crested Berrypecker 103693003 LC
Rhipidura dedemi Streak-breasted Fantail 22706890 LC
Rallicula rubra Chestnut Forest Crake 22692288 LC
Rhipidura opistherythra Long-tailed Fantail 22706894 NT
Rhipidura rufidorsa Rufous-backed Fantail 22706900 LC
Paramythia olivacea Western Crested Berrypecker 103693015 LC
Thapsinillas lucasi Obi Golden Bulbul 103841328 LC
Rallicula leucospila White-striped Forest Crake 22692293 NT
Chaetorhynchus papuensis Pygmy Drongo 22706924 LC
Macropygia amboinensis Slender-billed Cuckoo-Dove 22690561 LC
Macropygia magna Bar-necked Cuckoo-Dove 22690566 LC
Calyptomena whiteheadi Whitehead's Broadbill 22698760 LC
Rallicula forbesi Forbes's Forest Crake 22692298 LC
Macropygia nigrirostris Black-billed Cuckoo-Dove 22690580 LC
Rallicula mayri Mayr's Forest Crake 22692303 LC
Reinwardtoena reinwardti Great Cuckoo-Dove 22690589 LC
Dicrurus sumatranus Sumatran Drongo 22706984 NT
Dicrurus montanus Sulawesi Drongo 22706987 LC
Turacoena manadensis White-faced Cuckoo-dove 22690604 LC
Dicrurus densus Wallacean Drongo 22706990 LC
Turacoena modesta Black Cuckoo-Dove 22690609 NT
Chalcophaps stephani Stephan's Dove 22690657 LC
Henicophaps albifrons New Guinea Bronzewing 22690661 LC
Ptilorrhoa caerulescens Blue Jewel-babbler 103693158 LC
Circus spilothorax Papuan Harrier 61709172 LC
Ptilorrhoa geislerorum Dimorphic Jewel-babbler 103693170 LC
Rhabdotorrhinus exarhatus Sulawesi Hornbill 22682504 VU
Eutrichomyias rowleyi Caerulean Paradise-flycatcher 22707085 CR
Geopelia maugeus Barred Dove 22690716 LC
Rhyticeros cassidix Knobbed Hornbill 22682525 VU
Rhyticeros everetti Sumba Hornbill 22682535 VU
Rhyticeros plicatus Blyth's Hornbill 22682544 LC
Ducula pinon Pinon's Imperial-pigeon 45448181 LC
Phylloscopus trivirgatus Mountain Leaf Warbler 22715385 LC
Phylloscopus sarasinorum Sulawesi Leaf-warbler 22715392 LC
Phylloscopus presbytes Timor Leaf-warbler 22715397 LC
Eumyias ruficrissa Rufous-vented Flycatcher 103758862 LC
Symposiachrus axillaris Black Monarch 22707231 LC
Symposiachrus rubiensis Rufous Monarch 22707234 LC
Monarcha cinerascens Island Monarch 22707237 LC
Phylloscopus montis Yellow-breasted Warbler 22715439 LC
Carterornis pileatus White-naped Monarch 22707255 LC
Carterornis castus Loetoe Monarch 22707258 LC
Thapsinillas mysticalis Buru Golden Bulbul 103840832 LC
Symposiachrus guttula Spot-winged Monarch 22707267 LC
Symposiachrus mundus Black-bibbed Monarch 22707274 LC
Pachycephala teysmanni Selayar Whistler 103693387 LC
Symposiachrus sacerdotum Flores Monarch 22707285 EN
Symposiachrus everetti White-tipped Monarch 22707288 EN
Symposiachrus loricatus Black-tipped Monarch 22707291 LC
Pachycephala fulvotincta Rusty-breasted Whistler 103693410 LC
Symposiachrus boanensis Black-chinned Monarch 22707294 CR
Symposiachrus julianae Kofiau Monarch 22707300 VU
Poodytes albolimbatus Fly River Grass Warbler 22715497 VU
Symposiachrus brehmii Biak Monarch 22707307 EN
Symposiachrus manadensis Hooded Monarch 22707304 LC
Buettikoferella bivittata Buff-banded Grassbird 22715521 LC
Archboldia papuensis Archbold's Bowerbird 22731912 NT
Carterornis chrysomela Golden Monarch 22707339 LC
Pachycephala mentalis Black-chinned Whistler 103693456 LC
Arses insularis Rufous-collared Monarch 22707348 LC
Caloenas nicobarica Nicobar Pigeon 22690974 NT
Pachycephala par Banda Sea Whistler 103693472 LC
Myiagra atra Black Myiagra 22707368 NT
Myiagra galeata Moluccan Flycatcher 22707373 LC
Trichastoma buettikoferi Sumatran Babbler 22731962 NT
Gallicolumba rufigula Cinnamon Ground-dove 22691009 LC
Gallicolumba tristigmata Sulawesi Ground-Dove 22691014 LC
Apalharpactes reinwardtii Blue-tailed Trogon 22682824 VU
Garrulax rufifrons Rufous-fronted Laughingthrush 22715592 CR
Alopecoenas jobiensis White-bibbed Ground-Dove 22691019 LC
Harpactes whiteheadi Whitehead's Trogon 22682842 NT
Garrulax lugubris Black Laughingthrush 22715614 LC
Machaerirhynchus nigripectus Black-breasted Boatbill 22707422 LC
Grallina bruijnii Torrent-lark 22707429 LC
Alopecoenas hoedtii Wetar Ground Dove 22691076 EN
Trugon terrestris Thick-billed Ground Pigeon 22691081 LC
Otus collari Sangihe Scops-owl 22732046 LC
Coracias temminckii Purple-winged Roller 22682905 LC
Eurystomus azureus Azure Dollarbird 22682926 NT
Chloropsis cochinchinensis Javan Leafbird 103775551 NT
Loriculus amabilis Moluccan Hanging Parrot 22732102 LC
Nisaetus floris Flores Hawk-Eagle 22732096 CR
Loriculus sclateri Sula Hanging-parrot 22732108 LC
Treron griseicauda Grey-cheeked Green-pigeon 22691165 LC
Treron floris Flores Green-pigeon 22691170 VU
Treron teysmannii Sumba Green-Pigeon 22691178 NT
Treron psittaceus Timor Green Pigeon 22691186 EN
Amaurornis magnirostris Talaud Bush-hen 22732147 VU
Trichastoma celebense Sulawesi Babbler 22715795 LC
Arborophila rolli Tan-breasted Partridge 22732183 LC
Malacocincla perspicillata Black-browed Jungle-babbler 22715827 DD
Treron oxyurus Sumatran Green-pigeon 22691257 NT
Trichastoma pyrrogenys Temminck's Babbler 22715845 LC
Zosterops chrysolaemus Black-fronted White-eye 103891950 LC
Goura sclaterii Sclater's Crowned-pigeon 45014476 NT
Ptilinopus porphyreus Pink-headed Fruit Dove 22691297 LC
Chloropsis kinabaluensis Bornean Leafbird 22732262 LC
Ptilinopus cinctus Black-backed Fruit-Dove 22691302 LC
Chloropsis media Sumatran Leafbird 22732267 VU
Alcedo coerulescens Cerulean Kingfisher 22683117 LC
Ptilinopus dohertyi Red-naped Fruit Dove 22691307 VU
Zosterops minor Green-fronted White-eye 103891968 LC
Megaloprepia formosa Scarlet-breasted Fruit Dove 22691362 LC
Ptilinopus perlatus Pink-spotted Fruit-Dove 22691372 LC
Gymnophaps mada Buru Mountain-pigeon 45448755 LC
Gymnophaps stalkeri Seram Mountain-pigeon 45448758 LC
Terpsiphone floris Nusa Tenggara Paradise-flycatcher 103716124 LC
Dacelo tyro Spangled Kookaburra 22683196 LC
Dacelo gaudichaud Rufous-bellied Kookaburra 22683199 LC
Ptilinopus aurantiifrons Orange-fronted Fruit-dove 22691391 LC
Clytoceyx rex Shovel-billed Kingfisher 22683202 LC
Ptilinopus wallacii Wallace's Fruit Dove 22691396 LC
Ptilinopus monacha Blue-capped Fruit Dove 22691415 NT
Pelargopsis melanorhyncha Great-billed Kingfisher 22683230 LC
Ptilinopus coronulatus Coroneted Fruit-dove 22691420 LC
Ptilinopus pulchellus Beautiful Fruit-dove 22691425 LC
Halcyon cyanoventris Javan Kingfisher 22683252 LC
Turdinus macrodactylus Large Wren-babbler 22716030 NT
Megapodius tenimberensis Tanimbar Scrubfowl 22732420 NT
Turdinus rufipectus Rusty-breasted Wren-Babbler 22716040 LC
Phylloscopus poliocephalus Island Leaf-warbler 103866004 LC
Todiramphus nigrocyaneus Blue-black Kingfisher 22683282 NT
Turdinus marmoratus Marbled Wren-Babbler 22716057 LC
Phylloscopus misoriensis Biak Leaf-warbler 103866018 VU
Phylloscopus maforensis Numfor Leaf-warbler 103866023 VU
Todiramphus diops Blue-and-white Kingfisher 22683304 LC
Todiramphus lazuli Lazuli Kingfisher 22683310 NT
Turdinus crassus Mountain Wren-babbler 22716079 LC
Ptilinopus rivoli White-bibbed Fruit-dove 22691505 LC
Ptilinopus viridis Claret-breasted Fruit Dove 22691519 LC
Ptilinopus hyogastrus Grey-headed Fruit-dove 22691529 LC
Ptilinopus granulifrons Carunculated Fruit-dove 22691539 VU
Ptilinopus iozonus Orange-bellied Fruit-dove 22691544 LC
Ptilinopus nainus Dwarf Fruit-Dove 22691554 LC
Ptilinopus melanospilus Black-naped Fruit Dove 22691558 LC
Todiramphus funebris Sombre Kingfisher 22683387 VU
Ducula forsteni White-bellied Imperial-Pigeon 22691617 LC
Orthonyx novaeguineae Papuan Logrunner 22732582 LC
Otus enganensis Engano Scops-owl 22724390 NT
Otus alfredi Flores Scops Owl 22724396 EN
Ducula radiata Grey-headed Imperial Pigeon 22691629 LC
Pericrocotus montanus Grey-throated Minivet 103694129 LC
Ramphiculus mangoliensis Sula Fruit-dove 22725080 NT
Stachyris grammiceps White-breasted Babbler 22716248 NT
Carpococcyx viridis Sumatran Ground-cuckoo 22724459 CR
Gracupica jalla Javan Pied Starling 103890801 CR
Stachyris thoracica White-bibbed Babbler 22716274 LC
Caridonax fulgidus White-rumped Kingfisher 22683512 LC
Ducula rosacea Pink-headed Imperial-pigeon 22691705 NT
Cyanoderma melanothorax Crescent-chested Babbler 22716283 LC
Melidora macrorrhina Hook-billed Kingfisher 22683516 LC
Ducula rufigaster Purple-tailed Imperial Pigeon 22691724 LC
Symposiachrus leucurus White-tailed Monarch 22707297 NT
Ducula chalconota Shining Imperial Pigeon 22691734 LC
Heinrichia calligyna Great Shortwing 103866279 LC
Syma megarhyncha Mountain Kingfisher 22683569 LC
Tanysiptera hydrocharis Little Paradise-Kingfisher 22683572 DD
Rhamphocharis crassirostris Thick-billed Berrypecker 103730855 LC
Tanysiptera galatea Common Paradise-Kingfisher 22683577 LC
Ducula zoeae Banded Imperial-Pigeon 22691775 LC
Tanysiptera ellioti Kofiau Paradise-Kingfisher 22683582 VU
Tanysiptera riedelii Biak Paradise Kingfisher 22683587 NT
Tanysiptera carolinae Cobalt Paradise Kingfisher 22683592 NT
Ducula lacernulata Dark-backed Imperial-pigeon 22691789 LC
Tanysiptera nympha Fairy Paradise Kingfisher 22683597 LC
Ducula cineracea Timor Imperial-pigeon 22691794 NT
Coracornis sanghirensis Sangihe Shrikethrush 22724568 CR
Ducula luctuosa White Imperial-pigeon 22691807 LC
Heinrichia simplex Minahasa Shortwing 103866352 NT


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Species are classified by the IUCN Red List into nine groups:
  • Extinct (EX) – beyond reasonable doubt that the species is no longer extant.
  • Extinct in the wild (EW) – survives only in captivity, cultivation and/or outside native range, as presumed after exhaustive surveys.
  • Critically endangered (CR) – in a particularly and extremely critical state.
  • Endangered (EN) – very high risk of extinction in the wild, meets any of criteria A to E for Endangered.
  • Vulnerable (VU) – meets one of the 5 red list criteria and thus considered to be at high risk of unnatural (human-caused) extinction without further human intervention.
  • Near threatened (NT) – close to being at high risk of extinction in the near future.
  • Least concern (LC) – unlikely to become extinct in the near future.
  • Data deficient (DD)
  • Not evaluated (NE)