List of AMPHIBIA species in Madagascar

This is a list of AMPHIBIA in Madagascar according to the IUCN Red List.

This list was last updated 2019-09-14


This list contains only species that have been assessed for the IUCN Red List. It is therefore not representative of all the species in the country.

Species counts by country: Total | Amphibians | Birds | Fish | Mammals | Reptiles | Vascular Plants.

Aglyptodactylus laticeps 57383 VU
Aglyptodactylus securifer 57385 LC
Boophis albilabris White-lipped Bright-eyed Frog 57386 LC
Boophis albipunctatus Spotted Bright-eyed Frog 57387 LC
Boophis andohahela 57388 VU
Boophis andreonei 57389 VU
Boophis anjanaharibeensis 57390 EN
Boophis ankaratra 57391 LC
Aglyptodactylus chorus 84500529 NT
Boophis blommersae 57392 VU
Boophis bottae 57394 LC
Boophis burgeri 57396 DD
Boophis doulioti 57397 LC
Boophis englaenderi 57399 VU
Boophis erythrodactylus Forest Bright-eyed Frog 57400 LC
Boophis feonnyala 57401 EN
Boophis guibei Warty Bright-eyed Frog 57403 LC
Boophis haematopus 57404 EN
Boophis jaegeri Jaeger's Bright-eyed Frog 57407 EN
Boophis laurenti Andinrgitra Bright-eyed Frog 57408 EN
Boophis liami 57409 CR
Boophis luteus Ankafana Bright-eyed Frog 57410 LC
Boophis majori Ambohimitombo Bright-eyed Frog 57412 VU
Boophis mandraka Mandraka Bright-eyed Frog 57413 DD
Boophis marojezensis 57414 LC
Boophis microtympanum Imerina Bright-eyed Frog 57415 LC
Boophis miniatus Tiny Bright-eyed Frog 57416 VU
Boophis opisthodon Eastern Bright-eyed Frog 57418 LC
Boophis pauliani Moramanga Bright-eyed Frog 57419 LC
Boophis periegetes 57420 NT
Boophis picturatus 57421 LC
Boophis pyrrhus 57422 LC
Boophis rappiodes Central Bright-eyed Frog 57423 LC
Boophis reticulatus Reticulate Bright-eyed Frog 57424 LC
Boophis rufioculis 57426 NT
Boophis schuboeae 57427 EN
Boophis septentrionalis 57428 LC
Boophis sibilans 57429 LC
Boophis solomaso 57430 EN
Boophis tasymena 57431 LC
Boophis tephraeomystax Dumeril's Bright-eyed Frog 57432 LC
Boophis viridis Green Bright-eyed Frog 57433 LC
Boophis vittatus 57434 VU
Boophis williamsi Williams' Bright-eyed Frog 57435 CR
Boophis xerophilus 57436 LC
Laliostoma labrosum Madagascar Bullfrog 57437 LC
Mantella baroni Baron's Mantella 57438 LC
Mantella bernhardi Black Mantella 57439 VU
Mantella betsileo Brown Mantella 57440 LC
Mantella cowanii Black Golden Frog 57441 EN
Mantella crocea Yellow Mantella 57442 VU
Mantella expectata Blue-legged Mantella 57443 EN
Mantella haraldmeieri Tolagnaro Golden Frog 57444 EN
Mantella laevigata Climbing Mantella 57445 LC
Guibemantis albolineatus White-lined Madagascar Frog 57455 LC
Mantella milotympanum Black-eared Mantella 57448 CR
Gephyromantis ambohitra 57458 VU
Gephyromantis asper East Betsileo Madagascar Frog 57461 LC
Mantidactylus albofrenatus Eastern Madagascar Frog 57454 EN
Mantidactylus alutus Mountain Madagascar Frog 57456 LC
Gephyromantis blanci 57466 NT
Blommersia blommersae Moramanga Madagascar Frog 57467 LC
Gephyromantis cornutus Horned Madagascar Frog 57472 VU
Gephyromantis corvus 57473 EN
Gephyromantis decaryi Decary's Madagascar Frog 57475 NT
Blommersia domerguei Domergue's Madagascar Frog 57477 LC
Gephyromantis eiselti Eiselt's Madagascar Frog 57478 EN
Guibemantis depressiceps Pulsing Madagascar Frog 57476 LC
Gephyromantis enki 57480 VU
Guibemantis flavobrunneus Blommers' Madagascar Frog 57483 LC
Mantidactylus femoralis Fort Madagascar Frog 57481 LC
Blommersia grandisonae Ambrana Madagascar Frog 57485 LC
Gephyromantis granulatus Grainy Madagascar Frog 57486 LC
Mantidactylus grandidieri Grandidier's Madagascar Frog 57484 LC
Gephyromantis horridus Boettger's Grainy Frog 57489 VU
Guibemantis kathrinae 57490 VU
Blommersia kely 57491 LC
Gephyromantis klemmeri Klemmer's Madagascar Frog 57492 EN
Gephyromantis leucocephalus 57493 NT
Gephyromantis leucomaculatus White-spotted Madagascar Frog 57494 LC
Gephyromantis luteus White Madagascar Frog 57497 LC
Guibemantis liber Free Madagascar Frog 57495 LC
Gephyromantis malagasius Malasay Grainy Frog 57501 LC
Mantidactylus lugubris Dumeril's Madagascar Frog 57496 LC
Mantidactylus madecassus Andringitra Madagascar Frog 57498 EN
Boehmantis microtympanum Angel's Madagascar Frog 57505 VU
Mantidactylus majori Ivohimanita Madagascar Frog 57500 LC
Gephyromantis moseri 57507 LC
Mantidactylus melanopleura 57503 LC
Mantidactylus mocquardi Mocquard's Madagascar Frog 57506 LC
Mantidactylus opiparis Central Madagascar Frog 57508 LC
Gephyromantis plicifer Common Madagascar Frog 57512 LC
Gephyromantis pseudoasper Massif Madagascar Frog 57513 LC
Guibemantis pulcher Tsarafidy Madagascar Frog 57514 LC
Gephyromantis redimitus 57516 LC
Gephyromantis rivicola 57517 VU
Blommersia sarotra 57519 LC
Gephyromantis salegy 57518 VU
Gephyromantis schilfi 57520 VU
Gephyromantis sculpturatus 57521 LC
Gephyromantis silvanus 57522 VU
Gephyromantis spiniferus Greater Spiny Madagascar Frog 57523 VU
Gephyromantis striatus 57524 VU
Gephyromantis tandroka 57525 VU
Gephyromantis thelenae 57526 EN
Gephyromantis tschenki 57529 LC
Gephyromantis ventrimaculatus Brown Grainy Frog 57531 LC
Blommersia wittei Witte's Madagascar Frog 57533 LC
Gephyromantis webbi Webb's Madagascar Frog 57532 EN
Gephyromantis zavona 57534 EN
Mantidactylus ulcerosus Warty Madagascar Frog 57530 LC
Mantidactylus zipperi 57535 LC
Mantidactylus zolitschka 57536 CR
Boophis boppa Boppa’s Bright-eyed Treefrog 86466824 EN
Anodonthyla boulengeri Boulenger's Climbing Frog 57674 NT
Anodonthyla montana Mountain Climbing Frog 57675 VU
Anodonthyla nigrigularis Black-throated Climbing Frog 57676 EN
Anodonthyla rouxae Madagascar Climbing Frog 57677 EN
Rhombophryne ornata 86466943 EN
Rhombophryne tany 86466968 EN
Cophyla phyllodactyla Whistling Treefrog 57792 LC
Dyscophus guineti Sambava Tomato Frog 57805 LC
Dyscophus insularis Antsouhy Tomato Frog 57806 LC
Madecassophryne truebae Trueb's Madagascar Treefrog 57867 EN
Paradoxophyla palmata Web-foot Frog 57945 LC
Cophyla alticola Madagascar Giant Treefrog 57954 EN
Cophyla barbouri Barbour's Giant Treefrog 57955 LC
Cophyla cowanii Betsileo Giant Treefrog 57956 DD
Cophyla grandis Boulenger's Giant Treefrog 57957 LC
Cophyla mavomavo Yellowish Tree Cophyline Frog 57958 EN
Cophyla milloti Nosy Be Giant Treefrog 57959 EN
Cophyla occultans Island Giant Treefrog 57960 VU
Cophyla pollicaris Common Giant Treefrog 57961 LC
Cophyla tetra Four-spotted Tree Cophyline Frog 57962 EN
Cophyla tsaratananaensis Tsaratanana Giant Treefrog 57963 EN
Cophyla tuberifera Ambatoharanana Giant Treefrog 57964 LC
Plethodontohyla alluaudi Fort Dauphin Digging Frog 57965 LC
Plethodontohyla angulifera Werner's Digging Frog 57966 DD
Plethodontohyla bipunctata Forest Digging Frog 57967 LC
Plethodontohyla brevipes Betsileo Digging Frog 57968 VU
Plethodontohyla inguinalis Boulenger's Digging Frog 57972 LC
Plethodontohyla mihanika Malagasy Climbing Rain Frog 57974 LC
Plethodontohyla notosticta Mahanoro Digging Frog 57976 LC
Plethodontohyla ocellata Ocellated Digging Frog 57977 LC
Plethodontohyla tuberata Interior Digging Frog 57979 NT
Rhombophryne testudo Nosy Be Burrowing Frog 57994 EN
Scaphiophryne boribory 57995 VU
Scaphiophryne brevis Brown Rain Frog 57996 LC
Scaphiophryne calcarata Mocquard's Rain Frog 57997 LC
Scaphiophryne gottlebei Red Rain Frog 57998 EN
Scaphiophryne madagascariensis Madagascar Rain Frog 57999 NT
Scaphiophryne marmorata Marbled Rain Frog 58000 VU
Scaphiophryne obscura 58001 DD
Scaphiophryne spinosa 58002 LC
Scaphiophryne verrucosa 58003 DD
Anilany helenae 58010 CR
Stumpffia gimmeli Benavony Stump-toed Frog 58008 LC
Stumpffia grandis Giant Stump-toed Frog 58009 LC
Stumpffia psologlossa Madagascar Stump-toed Frog 58011 EN
Stumpffia pygmaea Andoany Stump-toed Frog 58012 EN
Stumpffia roseifemoralis 58013 EN
Stumpffia tetradactyla Maromandia Stump-toed Frog 58014 DD
Stumpffia tridactyla Guibe's Stump-toed Frog 58015 DD
Boophis madagascariensis Madagascar Bright-eyed Frog 49545913 LC
Boophis sandrae 49545926 EN
Gephyromantis atsingy 49562307 EN
Cophyla olgae 49570575 EN
Boophis elenae 49546174 NT
Cophyla rava 49570767 EN
Blommersia angolafa 48964577 LC
Blommersia dejongi 48964580 LC
Blommersia galani 48964583 LC
Blommersia variabilis 48964586 LC
Boophis baetkei 164889 CR
Boophis lilianae 164890 DD
Boophis spinophis 49546338 VU
Boophis ankarafensis 68568328 CR
Gephyromantis hintelmannae 49563132 EN
Boophis tsilomaro 49546770 CR
Guibemantis wattersoni Watterson’s Tree Frog 49569966 EN
Boophis ulftunni 49546929 VU
Gephyromantis mafy 49563555 CR
Rhombophryne matavy 49581455 CR
Mantella madagascariensis Madagascar Golden Frog 57446 VU
Mantella manery Marojezy Mountain Mantella 57447 VU
Mantella nigricans Guibé's Mantella 57449 LC
Mantella pulchra Beautiful Mantella 57450 NT
Mantella viridis Lime Mantella 57451 EN
Mantidactylus aerumnalis Andrangoloaka Madagascar Frog 57452 LC
Spinomantis aglavei Anamalozoatra Madagascar Frog 57453 LC
Mantidactylus ambohimitombi Ambohimitombi Madagascar Frog 57457 DD
Mantidactylus ambreensis 57459 LC
Mantidactylus argenteus Folohy Madagascar Frog 57460 LC
Spinomantis bertini Isaka-Ivondro Madagascar Frog 57462 NT
Mantidactylus betsileanus Betsileo Madagascar Frog 57463 LC
Mantidactylus biporus Two-pore Madagascar Frog 57465 LC
Mantidactylus brevipalmatus 57469 LC
Spinomantis brunae 57470 EN
Gephyromantis ranjomavo 49564032 EN
Mantidactylus charlotteae 57471 LC
Mantidactylus curtus Ankafana Madagascar Frog 57474 LC
Spinomantis elegans Elegant Madagascar Frog 57479 NT
Spinomantis fimbriatus 57482 LC
Anodonthyla pollicaris 190914 DD
Spinomantis guibei Guibe's Madagascar Frog 57487 VU
Mantidactylus guttulatus Gray Madagascar Frog 57488 LC
Anodonthyla emilei 190941 EN
Anodonthyla jeanbai 190942 EN
Anodonthyla theoi 190943 CR
Anodonthyla vallani 190944 CR
Wakea madinika 57499 DD
Spinomantis massi 57502 VU
Spinomantis microtis Guibe's Bright-eyed Frog 57504 EN
Mantidactylus pauliani Madagascar Frog 57509 CR
Spinomantis peraccae Peracca's Madagascar Frog 57510 LC
Spinomantis phantasticus 57511 LC
Guibemantis punctatus Dotted Madagascar Frog 57515 CR
Guibemantis tornieri 57527 LC
Mantidactylus tricinctus 57528 VU
Guibemantis tasifotsy White-flanked Malagasy Tree Frog 66390706 VU
Stumpffia miery 66390759 EN
Rhombophryne mangabensis 49581234 VU
Spinomantis nussbaumi 49581681 CR
Rhombophryne vaventy 79130249 EN
Rhombophryne serratopalpebrosa Guibé's Digging Frog 79130281 EN
Gephyromantis tahotra 49565720 VU
Rhombophryne botabota Chubby Diamond Frog 100339930 EN
Rhombophryne savaka Savaka Diamond Frog 100339944 EN
Boophis luciae 49541460 LC
Boophis sambirano 61836 EN
Guibemantis timidus 61837 LC
Cophyla berara 61849 EN
Scaphiophryne menabensis 61859 LC
Mantidactylus paidroa 49570548 EN
Spinomantis tavaratra 49582559 VU
Mantella aurantiaca Golden Mantella 12776 CR
Plethodontohyla guentheri 135750 EN
Mantella ebenaui 135777 LC
Stumpffia analamaina 79680099 CR
Stumpffia kibomena 79680110 EN
Mantidactylus bourgati 135792 EN
Tsingymantis antitra 135798 EN
Boophis fayi 49459837 VU
Boophis axelmeyeri 135812 LC
Boophis miadana 49541778 EN
Gephyromantis runewsweeki 135867 VU
Mantidactylus bellyi 135902 LC
Mantidactylus cowanii 135907 NT
Boophis lichenoides 29433 LC
Rhombophryne coronata 57969 LC
Rhombophryne coudreaui Betampona Digging Frog 57970 NT
Rhombophryne guentherpetersi Tsaratanana Digging Frog 57971 EN
Rhombophryne laevipes Madagascar Digging Frog 57973 LC
Rhombophryne minuta Tiny Digging Frog 57975 EN
Mantidactylus noralottae 136048 DD
Anodonthyla moramora 136055 EN
Mantidactylus delormei 136059 EN
Boophis narinsi 49542051 EN
Boophis tampoka 136112 LC
Stumpffia be 49583046 EN
Boophis boehmei Böhme's Bright-eyed Frog 49460189 EN
Gephyromantis azzurrae 136160 EN
Anodonthyla hutchisoni 136168 EN
Paradoxophyla tiarano 136176 DD
Plethodontohyla fonetana 136186 EN
Gephyromantis verrucosus 49566762 LC
Rhombophryne longicrus 85628040 EN
Boophis haingana 49460407 EN
Boophis obscurus 49542471 NT
Boophis goudotii Goudot's Bright-eyed Frog 49542645 LC
Stumpffia hara 49583995 CR
Stumpffia staffordi 49585498 VU
Boophis piperatus 49543215 EN
Boophis popi 49543547 VU
Boophis praedictus 49543682 LC
Stumpffia madagascariensis 49584796 EN
Boophis quasiboehmei 49543954 NT
Dyscophus antongilii Tomato Frog 6937 LC
Heterixalus alboguttatus Whitebelly Reed Frog 56096 LC
Heterixalus andrakata Andrakata Reed Frog 56097 LC
Heterixalus betsileo Betsileo Reed Frog 56098 LC
Heterixalus boettgeri Boettger's Reed Frog 56099 LC
Heterixalus carbonei 56100 LC
Heterixalus luteostriatus 56101 LC
Heterixalus madagascariensis Madagascar Reed Frog 56102 LC
Heterixalus punctatus 56103 LC
Heterixalus rutenbergi Rutenberg's Reed Frog 56104 LC
Heterixalus tricolor Three-color Reed Frog 56105 LC
Heterixalus variabilis 56106 LC
Boophis calcaratus 49453874 LC
Boophis andrangoloaka 49380186 EN
Boophis idae Ida's Bright-eyed Frog 67451774 LC
Cophyla maharipeo 79788927 CR
Cophyla noromalalae 79788960 EN
Cophyla puellarum 79789021 CR
Stumpffia megsoni 49585165 DD
Boophis rhodoscelis Betsileo Bright-eyed Frog 49380377 EN
Guibemantis methueni 79789210 LC
Boophis entingae 49454271 LC
Cophyla karenae 78535878 CR
Boophis brachychir Nosy Be Bright-eyed Frog 49454520 VU
Guibemantis diphonus 88219153 CR
Scaphiophryne matsoko 78585464 NT
Gephyromantis boulengeri Boulenger's Madagascar Frog 49569428 LC
Guibemantis bicalcaratus Sainte Marie Madagascar Frog 79789864 LC
Boophis roseipalmatus 49545046 LC
Boophis occidentalis 68206465 LC
Guibemantis annulatus Ring-wearing Tree Frog 49569666 EN
Aglyptodactylus madagascariensis Madagascar Jumping Frog 84500383 LC
Aglyptodactylus inguinalis 84500418 LC
Aglyptodactylus australis 84500429 EN
Boophis arcanus 49381365 EN


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Species are classified by the IUCN Red List into nine groups:
  • Extinct (EX) – beyond reasonable doubt that the species is no longer extant.
  • Extinct in the wild (EW) – survives only in captivity, cultivation and/or outside native range, as presumed after exhaustive surveys.
  • Critically endangered (CR) – in a particularly and extremely critical state.
  • Endangered (EN) – very high risk of extinction in the wild, meets any of criteria A to E for Endangered.
  • Vulnerable (VU) – meets one of the 5 red list criteria and thus considered to be at high risk of unnatural (human-caused) extinction without further human intervention.
  • Near threatened (NT) – close to being at high risk of extinction in the near future.
  • Least concern (LC) – unlikely to become extinct in the near future.
  • Data deficient (DD)
  • Not evaluated (NE)