List of DIPLOPODA species in Madagascar

This is a list of DIPLOPODA in Madagascar according to the IUCN Red List.

This list was last updated 2019-09-14


This list contains only species that have been assessed for the IUCN Red List. It is therefore not representative of all the species in the country.

Species counts by country: Total | Amphibians | Birds | Fish | Mammals | Reptiles | Vascular Plants.

Zoosphaerium lambertoni 65524687 DD
Alluviobolus antanosy Antanosy Alluvial-Millipede 80373280 EN
Alluviobolus laticlavius Petriky Alluvial-Millipede 80373309 CR
Alluviobolus tsimelahy Tsimelahy Alluvial-Millipede 80373484 EN
Aphistogoniulus aridus Desert Fire-Millipede 80373703 EN
Aphistogoniulus diabolicus Devil's Fire-Millipede 80373858 NT
Aphistogoniulus infernalis Fire-Millipede 'from Hell' 80374001 EN
Aphistogoniulus sakalava Sakalava Fire-Millipede 80374108 DD
Zoosphaerium piligerum Andranomay Mountain Giant Pill-Millipede 65525146 CR
Aphistogoniulus sanguineus Blood-Red Fire-Millipede 80374454 EN
Aphistogoniulus vampyrus Vampire Fire-Millipede 80374474 LC
Microsphaerotherium ivohibiense Ivohibe Dwarf Pill-Millipede 65523402 LC
Aphistogoniulus cowani Andringitra Fire-Millipede 80351033 NT
Aphistogoniulus erythrocephalus Red-Headed Fire-Millipede 80351121 LC
Aphistogoniulus hova Hova Fire-Millipede 80351231 EN
Granitobolus andohahelensis Andohahela Stone-Millipede 80580607 NT
Granitobolus endemicus Lavasoa Stone-Millipede 80580633 CR
Madabolus maximus Giant Madagascar Fire-Millipede 80580673 NT
Ostinobolus montanus Mountain Bone-Millipede 80580696 LC
Ostinobolus rufus Red Bone-Millipede 80580708 NT
Ostinobolus stellaris Star Bone-Millipede 80580737 LC
Ostinobolus subterraneus Subterranean Bone-Millipede 80580748 CR
Pseudocentrobolus aureus Golden Millipede 80580765 NT
Aphistogoniulus corallipes Red-legged Fire-Millipede 80351408 CR
Riotintobolus anomalus False Riotinto-Millipede 80580830 NT
Riotintobolus aridus Desert Riotinto-Millipede 80580913 EN
Riotintobolus mandenensis Mandena Riotinto-Millipede 80580925 CR
Riotintobolus minutus Sainte Luce Riotinto-Millipede 80580936 CR
Caprobolus andringitra Andringitra Capricorn Millipede 80376149 LC
Sanguinobolus maculosus Speckled Blood-Millipede 80581019 LC
Sphaeromimus andohahela Andohahela Giant Pill-Millipede 65527130 NT
Spiromimus albipes White-Legged Small Tree-Millipede 80581091 CR
Spiromimus dorsovittatus Yellow-Backed Small Tree-Millipede 80581108 VU
Microsphaerotherium anjozorobe Anjozorobe Dwarf Pill-Millipede 65524228 CR
Sphaeromimus lavasoa Lavasoa Giant Pill-Millipede 65527148 CR
Spiromimus electricus Amber Mountain Small Tree-Millipede 80581162 LC
Zoosphaerium neptunus Emerald Green Giant Pill-Millipede 65524274 LC
Zoosphaerium discolor Yellow-Green Giant Pill-Millipede 65524294 LC
Zoosphaerium libidinosum Green Spiny Forest Giant Pill-Millipede 65524299 LC
Spiromimus grallator Stilt Walker Small Tree-Millipede 80581200 LC
Zoosphaerium mitoho Mitoho Cave Giant Pill-Millipede 65524308 NT
Zoosphaerium alluaudi Alluauds Giant Pill-Millipede 65524313 CR
Zoosphaerium amabile Amazing Giant Pill-Millipede 65524323 NT
Zoosphaerium ambrense Montagne d'Ambre Giant Pill-Millipede 65524329 LC
Spiromimus laticoxalis Red-Headed Small Tree-Millipede 80581232 NT
Zoosphaerium analavelona Analavelona Giant Pill-Millipede 65524334 NT
Zoosphaerium anale 65524339 DD
Zoosphaerium anomalum Jade Green Giant Pill-Millipede 65524346 DD
Spiromimus litoralis Littoral Small Tree-Millipede 80581249 CR
Zoosphaerium arborealis Tree-climbing Giant Pill-Millipede 65524357 EN
Zoosphaerium aureum Golden Giant Pill-Millipede 65524362 LC
Zoosphaerium bambusoides Bambus Giant Pill-Millipede 65524369 NT
Zoosphaerium bilobum Vohibasia Giant Pill-Millipede 65524375 NT
Spiromimus namoroka Namoroka Small Tree-Millipede 80581276 VU
Zoosphaerium blandum Black-Brown Spiny Forest Giant Pill-Millipede 65524380 LC
Spiromimus scapularis Binara Forest Small Tree-Millipede 80581293 CR
Zoosphaerium coquerelianum Coquerels Giant Pill-Millipede 65524405 DD
Zoosphaerium corystoides Helmed Giant Pill-Millipede 65524417 LC
Zoosphaerium darthvaderi Darth Vaders Giant Pill-Millipede 65524428 CR
Zoosphaerium denticulatum Toothed Giant Pill-Millipede 65524434 NT
Zoosphaerium endemicum Endemic Giant Pill-Millipede 65524445 NT
Spiromimus simplex Marojejy Small Tree-Millipede 80581376 NT
Zoosphaerium fisheri Fishers Giant Pill-Millipede 65524481 NT
Zoosphaerium heleios Marsh Giant Pill-Millipede 65524554 CR
Zoosphaerium isalo Isalo Giant Pill-Millipede 65524638 NT
Zoosphaerium micropilligerum Small Andohahela Mountain Giant Pill-Millipede 65524932 LC
Spiromimus triaureus Golden-Striped Small Tree-Millipede 80581832 NT
Zoosphaerium muscorum Moss Giant Pill-Millipede 65524944 NT
Spiromimus univirgatus Ankarana Small Tree-Millipede 80581855 NT
Spiromimus voeltzkowi Voeltzkow's Small Tree-Millipede 80581882 VU
Zehntnerobolus rubripes Zehntner's Red-Backed Millipede 80581996 NT
Zoosphaerium platylabum Andasibe Giant Pill-Millipede 65525169 LC
Zoosphaerium priapus Small Priapus Giant Pill-Millipede 65525196 CR
Zoosphaerium pseudoblandum Splendid Green Spiny Forest Giant Pill-Millipede 65525216 NT
Zoosphaerium pseudopiligerum Large Andohahela Mountain Giant Pill-Millipede 65525232 LC
Zoosphaerium pseudoplatylabum Wide-clawed Giant Pill-Millipede 65525289 NT
Zoosphaerium pseudopriapus Large Priapus Giant Pill-Millipede 65525307 VU
Zoosphaerium pulchellum Pretty Giant Pill-Millipede 65525333 LC
Colossobolus aculeatus Sharp-Edged Colossus-Millipede 80377468 EN
Hylekobolus albicollaris White-collared Wood-Millipede 80582455 NT
Hylekobolus analavelona Analavelona Wood-Millipede 80582466 NT
Hylekobolus andasibensis Andasibe Wood-Millipede 80582503 CR
Hylekobolus anjanaharibe Anjanaharibe Wood Millipede 80582521 LC
Hylekobolus brachiosauroides Brachiosaurus Wood-Millipede 80582549 NT
Zoosphaerium sakanum 65525721 DD
Hylekobolus goodmani Goodman's Wood-Millipede 80582628 NT
Hylekobolus griseus Grey Wood-Millipede 80582646 EN
Hylekobolus latifrons Wide-headed Wood-Millipede 80582657 CR
Zoosphaerium smaragdinum Marojejy Giant Pill-Millipede 65525770 NT
Hylekobolus marojejy Marojejy Mountain Wood-Millipede 80582706 NT
Hylekobolus montanus Mountain Wood-Millipede 80582728 NT
Hylekobolus rufus Red Wood-Millipede 80582739 NT
Zoosphaerium solitarium Montagne d'Francais Giant Pill-Millipede 65525912 EN
Zoosphaerium subreflexum Andringitra Mountain Giant Pill-Millipede 65525975 NT
Zoosphaerium tainkintana Tainkintana Giant Pill-Millipede 65525982 EN
Zoosphaerium tampolo Tampolo Giant Pill-Millipede 65526057 CR
Zoosphaerium tigrioculatum Tiger's Eye Giant Pill-Millipede 65526089 LC
Zoosphaerium trichordum Three-corded Giant Pill-Millipede 65526112 VU
Zoosphaerium tsingy Tsingy Giant Pill-Millipede 65526140 NT
Zoosphaerium haackeri Haackers Giant Pill-Millipede 65524283 NT
Zoosphaerium villosum Hairy Giant Pill-Millipede 65526213 LC
Aphistogoniulus rubrodorsalis Red-Backed Fire-Millipede 80583118 NT
Zoosphaerium album White Giant Pill-Millipede 65524288 NT
Zoosphaerium viridissimum Shiny Green Giant Pill-Millipede 65526257 NT
Zoosphaerium voeltzkowianum Voeltzkows Giant Pill-Millipede 65526318 VU
Colossobolus giganteus Giant Colossus-Millipede 80378428 NT
Colossobolus litoralis Littoral Colossus-Millipede 80378461 CR
Colossobolus minor Dwarf Colossus-Millipede 80378518 CR
Zoosphaerium xerophilum Brown Dry Forest Giant Pill-Millipede 65526462 CR
Colossobolus oblongopedus Long-Legged Colossus-Millipede 80378565 NT
Sphaeromimus musicus Chirping Giant Pill-Millipede 65526510 LC
Sphaeromimus splendidus Shiny Giant Pill-Millipede 65526540 CR
Sphaeromimus inexpectatus Pink Giant Pill-Millipede 65526552 EN
Aphistogoniulus jeekeli Jeekel's Fire-Millipede 80583652 EN
Colossobolus pseudoaculeatus False Sharp-Edged Colossus-Millipede 80378855 CR
Colossobolus semicyclus Daraina Colossus-Millipede 80378884 EN
Corallobolus cruentus Cruel Fire-Millipede 80378943 LC
Sphaeromimus titanus Manombo Giant Pill-Millipede 65526902 CR
Sphaeromimus vatovavy Heims Giant Pill-Millipede 65526976 DD
Zehntnerobolus hoffmani Zehntner's Ivohibe Millipede 80583917 LC
Sphaeromimus ivohibe Ivohibe Giant Pill-Millipede 65527031 LC
Flagellobolus pauliani Paulian's Flagellum Millipede 80379171 EN
Sphaeromimus saintelucei Sainte Luce Giant Pill-Millipede 65527213 CR
Sphaeromimus andrahomana Andrahomana Cave Giant Pill-Millipede 65527235 CR
Pseudocentrobolus vohibasiensis Vohibasia Millipede 80580776 NT


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Species are classified by the IUCN Red List into nine groups:
  • Extinct (EX) – beyond reasonable doubt that the species is no longer extant.
  • Extinct in the wild (EW) – survives only in captivity, cultivation and/or outside native range, as presumed after exhaustive surveys.
  • Critically endangered (CR) – in a particularly and extremely critical state.
  • Endangered (EN) – very high risk of extinction in the wild, meets any of criteria A to E for Endangered.
  • Vulnerable (VU) – meets one of the 5 red list criteria and thus considered to be at high risk of unnatural (human-caused) extinction without further human intervention.
  • Near threatened (NT) – close to being at high risk of extinction in the near future.
  • Least concern (LC) – unlikely to become extinct in the near future.
  • Data deficient (DD)
  • Not evaluated (NE)