List of INSECTA species in Madagascar

This is a list of INSECTA in Madagascar according to the IUCN Red List.

This list was last updated 2019-09-14


This list contains only species that have been assessed for the IUCN Red List. It is therefore not representative of all the species in the country.

Species counts by country: Total | Amphibians | Birds | Fish | Mammals | Reptiles | Vascular Plants.

Proplatycnemis alatipes 97296661 LC
Proplatycnemis aurantipes 97296697 DD
Pterotettix alluaudi Alluaud's Horned Pygmy Grasshopper 103899471 DD
Proplatycnemis malgassica 97296721 LC
Pterotettix andrei Small Horned Pygmy Grasshopper 103899483 DD
Proplatycnemis protostictoides 97296768 DD
Proplatycnemis sanguinipes 97296788 LC
Pterotettix bigibbosus Big Horned Pygmy Grasshopper 103899570 LC
Pterotettix humilis Flat Horned Pygmy Grasshopper 103899604 DD
Rehnitettix olsufieffi Olsufieff's Pygmy Grasshopper 103899627 LC
Adetomyrma venatrix 522 CR
Rhynchotettix rostratus Long Beaked Pygmy Grasshopper 103899696 LC
Millotagrion inaequistigma 88088637 DD
Morphopoides madagascariensis Madagascar Flatpaw Pygmy Grasshopper 103898453 LC
Lestes simulator 97412204 LC
Thymochares delphini Southern Helmed Pygmy Grasshopper 103900307 CR
Thymochares exiguus Slender Helmed Pygmy Grasshopper 103900325 NT
Thymochares frontanguolus Low Helmed Pygmy Grasshopper 103900337 NT
Thymochares galeatus Long Helmed Pygmy Grasshopper 103900347 NT
Thymochares madagascariensis Little Helmed Pygmy Grasshopper 103900351 DD
Thymochares manjakatompo Manjakatompo Helmed Pygmy Grasshopper 103900394 DD
Pseudagrion alcicorne 88089850 LC
Pseudagrion ambatoroae 88089858 DD
Euryphymus exemptus 116114692 DD
Pseudagrion approximatum 88089862 LC
Thymochares modestus Lesser Helmed Pygmy Grasshopper 103900431 NT
Pseudagrion chloroceps 88089874 DD
Pseudagrion dispar 88089883 LC
Pseudagrion giganteum 88089897 DD
Pseudagrion lucidum 88089925 DD
Pseudagrion macrolucidum 88089929 DD
Thymochares pieraggii Pieraggi's Helmed Pygmy Grasshopper 103900518 VU
Orthetrum malgassicum Moustached Skimmer 119049472 LC
Thymochares sambavana Sambava Helmed Pygmy Grasshopper 103900525 NT
Pseudagrion malgassicum 88090003 LC
Pseudagrion mellisi 88090016 DD
Pseudagrion merina 88090038 DD
Pseudagrion olsufieffi 88090080 DD
Pseudagrion pterauratum 88090091 DD
Pseudagrion punctum 88090176 LC
Pseudagrion seyrigi 88090208 LC
Pseudagrion simile 88090213 DD
Pseudagrion stuckenbergi 88090242 DD
Pseudagrion trigonale 88090268 DD
Pseudagrion ungulatum 88090278 DD
Nesocordulia flavicauda 88090342 DD
Nesocordulia mascarenica 88090365 DD
Nesocordulia rubricauda 88090381 DD
Nesocordulia spinicauda 88090392 DD
Malgassogomphus robinsoni 88090398 DD
Onychogomphus aequistylus 88090421 LC
Onychogomphus vadoni 88090480 DD
Paragomphus fritillarius 88090527 LC
Paragomphus madegassus 88090689 LC
Paragomphus z-viridum 88090734 DD
Lestes auripennis 88090756 EN
Lestes pruinescens 88090760 DD
Aethiothemis modesta Madagascar Flasher 88090870 DD
Archaeophlebia martini 88090989 LC
Malgassophlebia mayanga 88091139 DD
Malgassophlebia mediodentata 88091158 DD
Neodythemis hildebrandti 88091163 LC
Neodythemis pauliani 88091175 DD
Neodythemis trinervulata 88091221 DD
Isomma hieroglyphicum 10861 LC
Orthetrum lemur 88091344 LC
Tatocnemis crenulatipennis 158490 DD
Pseudagrion ampolomitae 158493 DD
Pseudagrion igniceps 158495 LC
Tatocnemis virginiae 158500 DD
Neodythemis arnoulti 158485 DD
Ceriagrion oblongulum 158486 DD
Hemistigma affine 158487 LC
Pseudagrion apicale 158488 LC
Thermorthemis madagascariensis 158489 LC
Anax tumorifer 158491 LC
Nesolestes mariae 158492 DD
Hemicordulia similis 158496 LC
Nesolestes tuberculicollis 158498 DD
Palpopleura vestita 158494 LC
Platycnemis pseudalatipes 158497 LC
Lokia modesta 158501 DD
Pseudagrion cheliferum 158503 DD
Ceriagrion nigrolineatum 158504 LC
Proplatycnemis hova 158506 LC
Pseudagrion divaricatum 158499 LC
Pseudagrion hamulus 158502 DD
Protolestes kerckhoffae 158511 DD
Proplatycnemis longiventris 158512 DD
Pseudagrion nigripes 158505 DD
Diplacodes exilis 158515 LC
Protolestes furcatus 158516 DD
Lestes silvaticus 158517 DD
Pseudagrion deconcertans 158518 DD
Pseudagrion tinctipenne 158520 DD
Nesocordulia malgassica 158522 DD
Pseudagrion renaudi 158523 DD
Pseudagrion vakoanae 158521 DD
Isomma elouardi 158525 DD
Nesolestes drocera 158526 DD
Metacnemis secundaris 158527 DD
Rhyothemis cognata 158524 LC
Calophlebia karschi 158529 DD
Gynacantha hova 158531 DD
Nesolestes martini 158530 LC
Calophlebia interposita 158533 DD
Ceriagrion madagazureum Bluet Citril 158534 DD
Nesolestes ranavalona 158535 DD
Crocothemis striata 158536 DD
Zygonyx elisabethae 158532 LC
Tatocnemis malgassica 158513 LC
Zygonoides lachesis 88091516 LC
Viridithemis viridula 158528 LC
Zygonyx hova 88091590 DD
Zygonyx viridescens 88091651 LC
Phyllomacromia trifasciata 88091683 LC
Protolestes fickei 88091697 LC
Protolestes leonorae 88091701 DD
Protolestes milloti 88091717 DD
Protolestes proselytus 88091721 DD
Protolestes rufescens 88091731 DD
Protolestes simonei 88091735 DD
Tatocnemis denticularis 88091762 DD
Procytettix robinsoni Amber Snout Pygmy Grasshopper 103899227 NT
Procytettix hova Small Snout Pygmy Grasshopper 103899231 CR
Tatocnemis emarginatipennis 88091870 DD
Tatocnemis mellisi 88091880 DD
Tatocnemis micromalgassica 88092508 DD
Pseudosystolederus sikorai Madagascar Boulder Pygmy Grasshopper 103899306 LC
Libellulosoma minuta 11930 DD
Acisoma attenboroughi Attenborough’s Pintail 98537212 LC
Tatocnemis olsufieffi 88092525 DD
Pseudosystolederus follvikae Follvik's Boulder Pygmy Grasshopper 103899259 VU
Tatocnemis robinsoni 88092541 DD
Tatocnemis sinuatipennis 88092557 DD
Microthymochares pullus Baby Helmed Pygmy Grasshopper 109809613 CR
Paracnemis alluaudi 88092686 LC
Thymochares rehni Rehn's Helmed Pygmy Grasshopper 109809698 DD
Oxytettix arius Yellow-dot Black Pygmy Grasshopper 104411737 LC
Nesolestes elizabethae 88087863 DD
Nesolestes forficuloides 88087866 DD
Nesolestes pulverulans 88087897 DD
Agkistropleuron simplex Rumplestiltskin Pygmy Grasshopper 103896223 CR
Pseudoschmidtia curticerca 107435178 EN
Tetefortina lohenae Menabe Monkey Grasshopper 107435206 CR
Acisoma ascalaphoides Littoral Pintail 13186336 EN
Anax mandrakae 50959753 DD
Andriana hancocki Big Royal Pygmy Grasshopper 103896506 CR
Hydrotetrix fallax Tom Thumb Pygmy Grasshopper 104412606 LC
Andriana intermedia Intermediate Royal Pygmy Grasshopper 103896635 VU
Andriana pyramidata Common Royal Pygmy Grasshopper 103896653 LC
Epitettix spheniscus Broadfront Pygmy Grasshopper 104412777 DD
Andriana tertia Third Royal Pygmy Grasshopper 103896712 VU
Arexion suavis Redneck Pygmy Grasshopper 103896739 LC
Charagotettix longispinis Long Humpback Pygmy Grasshopper 103896872 EN
Charagotettix lucubensis Big Humpback Pygmy Grasshopper 103896913 EN
Silanotettix baroides High Swelling Pygmy Grasshopper 103899765 NT
Charagotettix nannus Small Humpback Pygmy Grasshopper 103896966 LC
Charagotettix sogai Soga's Humpback Pygmy Grasshopper 103896977 NT
Charagotettix stenocnemis Twin Humpback Pygmy Grasshopper 103896994 VU
Cryptotettix fanovana Fanovana Hiding Pygmy Grasshopper 103897185 NT
Trithemis selika 88070291 LC
Zygonyx ranavalonae 158509 DD
Cryptotettix imerina Common Hiding Pygmy Grasshopper 103897310 LC
Trithemis persephone 88091423 LC
Cryptotettix insularis Island Hiding Pygmy Grasshopper 103897388 CR
Cryptotettix macrophthalmus Deceiving Beaked Pygmy Grasshopper 103897432 EN
Cryptotettix similis Similar Hiding Pygmy Grasshopper 103897450 LC
Silanotettix notangulus Low Swelling Pygmy Grasshopper 103899872 NT
Cryptotettix spinilobus Spiny Hiding Pygmy Grasshopper 103897503 EN
Eurybiades cerastes Horned Royal Pygmy Grasshopper 103897825 EN
Holocerus lucifer Devil's Pygmy Grasshopper 103897852 NT
Tetrix nanus Little Sharpback Pygmy Grasshopper 103899954 LC
Holocerus taurus Northern Devil's Pygmy Grasshopper 103897936 DD
Thymochares bolivari Bolivar's Helmed Pygmy Grasshopper 103899986 NT
Hovacris undulata Undulated Pygmy Grasshopper 103898063 EN
Hybotettix camelus Camelback Royal Pygmy Grasshopper 103898075 CR
Hybotettix humeralis Big Royal Pygmy Grasshopper 103898107 EN
Thymochares crassipes Broad Helmed Pygmy Grasshopper 103900001 NT
Isandrus cicatricosus Smeagol Pygmy Grasshopper 103898218 LC
Isandrus gibbosus Gollem Pygmy Grasshopper 103898259 NT
Gynacantha malgassica 88087714 DD
Gynacantha radama 88087732 LC
Lepocranus fuscus Leatherback Pygmy Grasshopper 103898314 EN
Nesolestes albicauda 88087761 DD
Nesolestes albicolor 88087801 DD
Nesolestes alboterminatus 88087825 DD
Nesolestes angydna 88087829 DD
Nesolestes radama 88087972 DD
Nesolestes robustus 88087978 DD
Notocerus cornutus Bihorn Pygmy Grasshopper 103898667 EN
Papilio grosesmithi 15990 LR/nt
Papilio mangoura 15996 VU
Nesolestes rubristigma 88088193 DD
Papilio morondavana Madagascan Emperor Swallowtail 16001 DD
Notocerus formidabilis Formidable Pygmy Grasshopper 103898756 NT
Ocytettix latihumerus Course Humpback Pygmy Grasshopper 103898803 NT
Africallagma rubristigma 88088294 LC
Oxytettix cataphractus Armoured Pointed Pygmy Grasshopper 103898892 NT
Pheidole oculata 40733 VU
Oxytettix hastatus Lancebearing Pointed Pygmy Grasshopper 103898920 NT
Oxytettix lathraeospanius Short Hiding Pygmy Grasshopper 103898974 LC
Agriocnemis merina 88088423 DD
Phaon rasoherinae 97296244 LC
Azuragrion kauderni 88088438 LC
Oxytettix macrocerus Slender Pointed Pygmy Grasshopper 103899024 NT
Ceriagrion auritum 88088469 LC
Ischnura filosa 88088487 LC
Paratettix cinereus Madagascar Common Pygmy Grasshopper 103899062 LC


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Species are classified by the IUCN Red List into nine groups:
  • Extinct (EX) – beyond reasonable doubt that the species is no longer extant.
  • Extinct in the wild (EW) – survives only in captivity, cultivation and/or outside native range, as presumed after exhaustive surveys.
  • Critically endangered (CR) – in a particularly and extremely critical state.
  • Endangered (EN) – very high risk of extinction in the wild, meets any of criteria A to E for Endangered.
  • Vulnerable (VU) – meets one of the 5 red list criteria and thus considered to be at high risk of unnatural (human-caused) extinction without further human intervention.
  • Near threatened (NT) – close to being at high risk of extinction in the near future.
  • Least concern (LC) – unlikely to become extinct in the near future.
  • Data deficient (DD)
  • Not evaluated (NE)